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This mod implements ViaVersion on Fabric servers and clients, allowing you to connect to different Minecraft versions. For more information, go to GitHub repository (


What's is the difference between ViaFabric and multiconnect (

- ViaFabric doesn't aim to modify client-side deeply, it aims to simply implement ViaVersion (designed for vanilla servers) and works by "proxying" and translating the networking protocol. So you'll still have 1.13 swimming in <1.12 servers.

- ViaFabric can run on servers, while multiconnect can't.

- ViaFabric is maintained for older Fabric versions like Minecraft 1.8.9, 1.14 and 1.15, while multiconnect isn't.

- multiconnect modifies client-side code, so you can play with things like 1.12 swimming.

- You can use both mods in your client.

- ViaVersion and multiconnect are both designed by chaining translations, but some ViaVersion code can be heavier.







1.16.2 snapshot client on 1.8.8 Paper server


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