Snail Mail

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Snail Mail is a simple mod that allows you to send item packages to your friends using Snail Boxes, Stamps, and Envelopes


To start, craft a snailbox by surrounding a nautilus shell with iron ingots, this will be the base for sending and receiving mail. You will also need a stamp and an envelope. To craft the stamp, combine paper and an ink sac. To craft the envelope, combine paper and an iron nugget. Put the envelope in the snailbox's open envelope slot, press "Open Envelope", write the name of the player you'd like to send the mail to, put a stamp in the stamp slot, and put the items you'd like to send in the other slots. Close the envelope screen and press "Send". Once you click send, pick the destination. A snail will be dispatched to deliver your package! 


Snail Mail works on both Forge and Fabric, using Architectury.


Architectury API is required for the mod to function, download it here: Architectury API


License Statements

These are legally required statements regarding software used by the mod.



Snail Mail depends on and includes Fiber, a Fabric configuration library, which is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Fiber is Copyright FabLabsMC. No modifications were made to the original source.



Snail Mail and Fiber include Jankson, a JSON5/HJSON parser and processor, which is licensed under the MIT License.

Jankson is Copyright Falkreon.



Coda1552 - Project Leader, Art

itsmeow - Programming
HoboJoe - Art
LukeGrahamLandry - Programming Contributor