Valkyrien Skies Control adds new items and machinery to create and control ships. This mod requires Valkyrien Skies and Valkyrien Skies World to function.

This is the physics infuser, it can create and destroy ships.


The physics infuser requires physics cores to function. If these cores are removed then the ship will disassemble itself.


These are the controller blocks. The left block is the lift lever which controls the altitude of your ship. The middle block is the ship helm which controls rudders to turn your ship. The right block is the chadburn which controls the gearboxes to change the speed/direction of your ships propellers.


These are the large propellers and the engine used to drive them. On the left there is an engine which produces torque. The outputs of that engine is sent to a gearbox that is controlled by the chadburn on the lower left, before getting sent to the propeller to produce thrust.

With this arrangement the chadburn can change the thrust of the propeller by changing the gearbox's gear ratios.


These are Valkyrium Compressors, they are used to generate lift to propel your ship upwards. The lift control lever uses the compressors to move your ship to a target altitude.


These are mini propeller engines, they're powered by redstone and are useful for smaller ships.