NOTE: You might not need this mod anymore as of the latest version of Teraphobia due to it no longer causing arbitrary exit.

This mod fixes a crash due to arbitrary incompatibility imposed by Teraphobia mod that made it so Essential would crash.

Note that if you plan to run the modpack Fear Nightfall, make sure to also modify the configuration for FancyMenu.


Steps to run Essential with Fear Nightfall:

1. Get the modpack Fear Nightfall.
2. Download this mod and put it into mods folder.
3. For best results, go into config/fancymenu/customization and open up error.txt then delete the following line:
[loading_requirement:fancymenu_loading_requirement_is_mod_loaded][requirement_mode:if][group:error][req_id:e619ba19-0eb0-4508-a882-634882e022ea1689477516502] = essential
4. Now launch the modpack as normally. You will be able to enjoy having Essentials and the modpack!