2,936 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Strides is a mod for the ModJam 2018. It adds 7 new boots that are not specifically hard to make. Each boot has its own effect.



 Water Strides

 Flower Strides(Works with every flower except the yellow one)

 Animal Strides

 Trigger Strides

 Ice Strides

 Hermes Strides

 Obsidian Strides

Water Strides: Makes you move a little fast in water

Flower Strides: Leaves flowers when you run on grass

Animal Strides: Attracts animals to you without needing their food

Trigger Strides: When a mob hits you, you create a big explosion from under your feet.

Ice Strides: Creates an ice path when walking over water

Hermes Strides: You fall slower and dont take falldamage

Obsidian Strides: Makes you instantly fall to the ground without taking fall damage  




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