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DISCLAIMER: Because I am waiting for patchouli 1.14 to release as a guide book I recommend installing JEI so that you can view the recipes. 


Firefly is a mod focussed around capturing fireflies and using them to do various magic.


You start by creating a Firefly Lure. Use a bucket of water on it to start spawning fireflies. Depending on the biome a certain type of firefly will spawn. Each firefly has its own color and magic bound to it. Use a Firefly Jar to capture your fireflies.


Craft a Firefly Press to start gathering magic.

Use a Cauldron from the mod to make potions. Be sure to light the cauldron and put water in it as well otherwise, it won't work.

Use a Scroll Table to start making magic scrolls. Place paper and the right component in the table and ahoy, a scroll will be made.



  • - Wisdom Draught: Doubles XP gain.
  • - Liquid Luck: Chance to have double ore drop. (Does currently not work, forge events still broken)
  • - Mandragora: Attacks can apply poison.
  • - Druid’s Delight: Chance to spawn passive mobs around you.
  • - Dragon’s Wrath: Chance to dodge and set the enemy on fire when being attacked.
  • - Bloodfury Potion: Chance to deal double damage.



  • - Sage: Grants flat xp.
  • - Druid: Spawns lots of plants around you.
  • - Miner: Turns nearby stone into ores.
  • - Demon: When used fire’s fireballs into all directions.
  • - Thunderstrike: Blasting surrounding entities with thunder.


Scrolls deplete on usage. Depending on the amount of juice given on creation it will have a certain level. 


 Questions? Join the Mystic Modding Discord and I would be glad to answer them!


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