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Roots is a mod about discovering the natural, wild magic of the world. There are points where the Fey world can bleed over into our world, and these can be taken advantage of for crafting, for rituals, for spells, and maybe even more! Discover forgotten herbs, rituals & spells that bring tremendous power and utility. Roots is being constantly updated with new content, including ideas from the community! You can contribute on our Discord or on our Issue Tracker & GitHub.

Getting Started

We highly recommend installing JEI (Just Enough Items) and JER (Just Enough Resources) alongside our mods, as we have built-in compatibility with them and they will be able to give you access to recipes, fully detailed creature drops & more.

The first two herbs you'll want to make are Wildroot (Wildroot) and Terra Moss (Terra Moss). You can find Wildroot & Terra Spores (Terra Spores) by breaking Tall Grass, Ferns & Double-Tall Grass (Tall Grass) in the world, and instructions for turning Terra Spores into Terra Moss in "The Druidic Arts".

Note: almost every resource (excluding Terra Moss, which has the Overgrowth Ritual) is a renewable crop that can be planted on normal farmland or on elemental soil.

The Druidic Arts

If you didn't enable the configuration option to start the game with "The Druidic Arts", you'll need to craft it like so:

The Druidic Arts Crafting Recipe

As most practitioners of wild magic are also protectors of nature & its peaceful creatures, there are alternative ways to obtain books as well as paper:

Book Recipe

You can obtain, as an alternative to string, silk thread from silk cocoons dropped by fully-grown silkworms, part of our library mod Mystical World which is included by default. You can spawn silkworms by breaking grass & leaves to find silkworm eggs. Feeding them leaves sheared from trees quickens the process of producing a cocoon.

If you are desperate, paper can additionally be crafted using Wildroot (which, as noted before, can be grown as a crop):

Paper Recipe

Moving Forwards

With "The Druidic Arts", you should have everything you need to continue through the mod. Chapters & entries are unlocked as you progress and gain advancements. Feel free to reference the Advancements tab to see what you have yet to unlock. We recommend Better Advancements for an easier time navigating through advancements.

The book will guide you through the process of setting up a Fey Crafter, Grove Stone, Mortar & Pestle, Imbuer & Ritual Pyre, as well as how to create your first staff, spell-dusts and the process of imbuing them into a staff, as well as rituals and the ways they can be automated.

Videos & Guides

Vallen from Mischief of Mice has created a series of videos covering the Basics of Roots (version 3), a video on Armor, Tools & Soils, a video on Pyre Rituals & a video on Spells & Staff Magic. Any changes from the video to the most recently released version of Roots can generally be found as a pinned comment in the comments section. I highly recommend these videos to help you get the feel for the mod:

MischiefOfMice's Series on Roots 3

Everything Else

This description covers only a small amount of the vast amount of content available in Roots & Mystical World. Here's a short break-down of what else you can look forward to:

  • Utility, protection & offensive spells, with more being added in each release
  • Rituals that allow for changing the world, the environment, and even transmuting blocks into rarer ones, as well as providing a way to peacefully (without killing) obtain drops from passive creatures
  • A set of Living Tools that automatically repair themselves -- a system soon to be extended upon in 3.1!
  • Complete integration with Just Enough Items and Just Enough Resources
  • Integration with The One Probe & WAILA
  • An organised guide book made with Patchouli that covers every facet of the mod
  • Decorative blocks, satchels, food and more!

For Pack-Makers

We have endeavoured to make Roots 3 as compatible & configurable as possible. As such, you can:

Through configuration:

  • enable or disable almost every ritual and spell in the game
  • specify individual blocks to exclude from Growth & Harvest Spells & Rituals (a list of blocks that might be considered available via /roots growables)
  • specify entire mods to exclude from Growth & Harvest Spells & Rituals
  • configure loot injection or disable it entirely
  • configure the range of the Runic Shears AoE
  • specify saplings to exclude from the Spreading Forest Ritual, as well as those which must be planted in a 2x2 pattern
  • configure almost every aspect of elmental soil transformation

Through CraftTweaker:

And in the future (coming in 3.1), the ability to modify spell costs, and almost every single variable (damage, range, number-of-times-ticked) for every spell and ritual using CraftTweaker.

Get support!

You can obtain support for this mod in the #roots channel of our Discord. Drop by to check out alpha releases and see previews of what's coming!

Support us!

You can support the development of this mod by supporting the authors on Patreon: