Stellar Sky

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Sep 14, 2015

Owner: abab9579

Stellar Sky

Stellar Sky is a mod which changes the Minecraft sky to be much more realistic.
It adds fancy real stars and planets, and so on.
You can even find constellations with this mod!

* If you have performance concerns, try adjusting Mag_Limit down (3.0 should be appropriate).

Night with Stellar Sky

Daily Sky


  • Realistic Sky (Colored twinkling stars, fancier sun and moon with realistic motion, Milky Way)
  • Highly Configurable + Length of a year & length of a day is configurable as well.
  • Additional displays - horizontal, equatorial, ecliptic grid.
  • Optional Time HUD - can be configured by pressing key 'U'. (For more information, see Stellar API)
  • HUD Configuration - access config on HUD

    GUI configs


  • Configurable Atmosphere with Shaders

Sunrise with Grid Lines


 * Even with shaders, this mod runs in 40FPS when vanilla runs in 45~50FPS! (On 1.7.10 before vanilla optimization)

 * On the latest version, compatibility with other sky is added. To enable this, set Render_Other_Modded_Skybox to true on the per-dimension configuration.


Night View 2

Night View 3

View 4

Night View 5

On skyblock:

Night Sky on Skyblock Island

With per dimension textures:
Stellar Sky with per dimension texture

With Horizontal, Equatorial, Ecliptic Grids:
Horizontal, Equatorial, Ecliptic Grids

With v0.1.5.0+
Clearer Sky

Clearer Sunrise


Planned Features

  • Rendering planet in detail when viewed with telescopes.
  • Mo' deep sky objects, such as nebulae and clusters.


  See this link! (Video Guide)


Also take a look at Gui Configs and HUD Configurations.



Additional Information about configurations


Category clientconfig:

- Mag_Limit : reducing Limit Magnitude can improve FPS exponentially
- Twinkling(Turbulance) : Degree of the twinkling effect of star. Not related with FPS.

- Brightness Contrast: Brighten faint stars, without effect on FPS.

Category serverconfig:
- Server_Enabled : Enables Server-Side Sky change. When this config is enabled, this mod will be treated as Universal.

- Offsets(Start time), Start time will be YearOffset / DayOffset / TickOffset.

  * Tick_Offset: Start tick.

  * Day_Offset: Start day. 

  * Year_Offset: Start year.

- Per-Dimension Configs

You can make any dimension accept Stellar Sky by adding the name of the dimension to the dimension list (Applied_Dimensions property) in the configuration of world settings!
Also there are several settings which helps you customize the sky.


* Configuration Lock

 You can lock sky configuration via Lock button or /locksky.
 After that, you cannot change common config settings(e.g. length of day, year) forever, so BE CAREFUL!

 On the latest version, it is migrated into the Client Settings Overlay. (See features above)

 Recently per-dimension config system is switched to WorldSet, which is introduced on the recent Stellar API versions.


Dependencies and Companions

  Currently, Stellar Sky v0.1.*, v0.1.2.*, v0.2.1/2.* and v0.3.1/2.* uses SciAPI, but v0.*.3.* and v0.*.4.* for MC 1.7.10 uses Stellar API as dependency.

  For recent versions, recommend to install Photoptics with this mod.

         It will allow you to use binoculars and telescope to inspect fancy but faint stars with more details.

   (Please recommend good companions of Stellar Sky on the reply)




   Stellar Sky is mostly compatible with any mods without those which use hacky workaround on sky or GL settings.

 On the latest version of 1.12.1, this mod become semi-compatible with shader mods. Check it out!

  - You will have to enable Render_Other_Modded_Sky on per-dimension settings.


 Especially, Shader mods are incompatible . They messed up with GL settings before/after sky rendering.

 (This mod is compatible with Optifine, but not with its shader features)


For More Information / Contact :

Source: Github

Twitter: McStellarium

McForum: Forum Thread

Support: Patreon


If you have some issues or suggestions, join this discord channel. :)


Special Thanks to:

- PitchBright; Found bugs and made several Great Suggestions.
Also greatly helped on the logo and this forum post!

- NASA Web Provider: Information on orbit calculation planets.

- ...And you, who downloaded this mod. Thank you for using this mod!



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