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Additional Loot Tables

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Additional Loot Tables

This simple mod loads loot tables from the config/additional-loot-tables folder. The loot table definitions must be stored in the format config/additional-loot-tables/MODID/XXX/YYY.json where MODID is the mod ID or name, XXX is the loot event type (either chests or entities), and YYY is the loot category (e.g. simple_dungeon.json). You can also add custom loot tables this way by using any folder name in the place of MODID.


How it works

When this mod is installed, it will create a folder in the config folder called additional-loot-tables. You (or your mod) can place folders in additional-loot-tables that contain loot table definitions.


For example, ModX wants to make dungeon chests contain a jetpack as treasure. To do this, ModX creates the file config/additional-loot-tables/modx/chests/simple_dungeon.json. This file contains the loot table definition for spawning a jetpack. When a player with ModX and AdditionalLootTables installed creates or loads a world, AdditionalLootTables automatically detects the files in config/additional-loot-tables and merges them with the default (or manually added) Minecraft loot tables.


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