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Iron Age Furniture


Iron Age Furniture - Phase 2


Iron Age Furniture is a mod designed with one simple goal in mind, to add typical, Iron Age style furniture to Minecraft, and to be compatible with as many different mods which provide new wood types as possible, it is designed to be a simple, uncluttered mod, and to not include any modern styles.


If you have any suggestions or questions you can find me on Discord here, be sure to tag me (SkyBlade) to get my attention.


 These below are the new vanilla chairs added in Phase 1, there are a lot more if you install compatible mods such as Biomes o Plenty, Natura or Forestry.


 This screen shot is with the x128 texture pack and the chocapix shaders



Phase 1 Furniture - Chair Update

Classic Chair

Shield Chair


Short Stool

Tall Stool


Phase 2 Furniture - Bench Update




Padded Bench

Back Bench

Back Padded Bench

Log Benches


Phase 3 - Lighting Update


New lighting options.


Resource Packs

The following resource packs add the higher resolution textures for the shield chair back, in order to make the wood textures of the furniture better, also add your favourite texture pack for those, for example an x64 texture pack for vanilla will make the chairs look a lot better.


x16 Resource Pack

x32 Resource Pack

x64 Resource Pack

x128 Resource Pack



In addition to the Vanilla wood types, where the mod is available for that version of Minecraft, Iron Age Furniture will automatically (unless the option is turned off) include furniture so be made from the woods of these mods


  • Biomes O Plenty
  • Natura
  • Forestry
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Oh The Biomes You'll Go


And if you have a favourite wood oriented mod not listed here, get in contact and I may be able to add it in.