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Solar is a mod with a story. The story about ancient civilizations using the power created by gods. Start your journey as a young adventurer. Trying to reach something you have only heard in stories passed down from generation to generation.


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Getting Started

To get started you will have to do some exploring. You will need to find a broken altar which can be found in Plains, Desert and Savannah biomes. Upon clicking it you will know what to do. Give it 4 gold, 4 silver and 8 wood. The rest will be explained from there on. (Make sure to check all the book pages).

If you can't figure it out there are some images in the images tab which might help you, or you can use them to see if this mod is interesting to you. (Ofcourse it is)


In solar you will be able to channel energy via an altar. This energy can then be channeled into different things. Create runes and activate rituals which can then create magical spells, or change the environment around you.

Read through an amazing story that tells about your journey as a sorcerer using power the ancient civilizations used aswell.


This mod is in its very early release stage. There are is little amount of features and everything is experimental. If you have issues or bugs please make an issue on the github repository . If you do not know how to create an issue for that, read this.

All the textures are also WIP until the actual release. Some items and blocks may have textures made be me, others have textures made by someone who makes them for me. You will now :P (bad ones are mine)

If you have ideas for lore or features for the mod. You can make an issue or join my Discord channel and post it in there, the link is down below.

The book should show you the way of the mod. Adds a nice story and gives you it's current features. I worked very hard on it and probably gave it the most attention so I really hope you like it.

This is my first big mod and I am probably taking a dangerous path releasing it Alpha. But I hope that by doing it like this the mod will become a great one with the feedback it deserves. Be honest, be blunt. All feedback helps! Some nice words will also give me a motivation boost ;)


Roadmap for the mod





I also stream development of the mod. Come watch me at: 

And this amazing guy streams the testing of Solar: 


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