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152,084 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +3

WARNING: v2.0.1 is for 1.14.4 exclusively. I forgot to update the filename.


Attention Fabric users: This is a Forge mod, it has always been and will always be. If I ever port it to Fabric, which I have no current plans to do, it will be as a fully separate project, and it will be clearly indicated.


I had this mod around for years, decided to release it.

Craft with a sign, and a redstone torch.

It's just a silly mod, there's nothing more to it than the name says:



Can I use this in <X>?

Yes. Unless <X>'s license is incompatible with this mod's, which is unlikely.

Help and Support

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You can also find me on discord, in my little discord server (please use the support forum channels! DO NOT DM me unless strictly necessary). 

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