Sewing Kit

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(Image used in the mod logo taken by Marco Vech, licensed under CC BY 2.0 found here)



It has come to my attention there was a Fabric mod called "SewingKit" that attempted to do what CraftTweaker does. This mod is not related, and the name similarly is merely a coincidence.


This is a Forge mod about cutting and sewing. No worldplay.


What is Sewing Kit?

Sewing Kit is a mod all about cutting and sewing.  It is primarily intended for use by other mods and modpacks, and doesn't have a lot of features by itself. 



- Adds needle items, of different tiers.

- Adds a Sewing Station, which can be used for cutting and sewing things.

- Adds recipes to cut leather into strips and sheets, for crafting materials. The cutting uses shears as a tool.

- Adds recipes to use leather strips, leather sheets, and string, to craft leather armor using less materials than traditional crafting.



- Other armor types: Eg. wool armor.

- Patterns: Patterns would enable crafting special objects, and would be found in treasure chests.


Translations Welcome!

You can contribute translations at the project's GitHub page. Just clone the repository or use the web editor, it's easy!


Can I use this in <X>?

Yes. Unless <X>'s license is incompatible with this mod's, which is unlikely.

Help and Support

For bug reports and feature requests, visit the issue tracker (link above)

You can also find me on discord, ID @gigaherz#9173 on the Forge Discord and Minecraft Mod Development servers (please DO NOT DM me unless strictly necessary). 

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