Road Stuff

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Road Stuff


Mod updated for 1.19.2. Development is currently limited to maintenance only with no active feature development.


Note: 1.15.2 versions and above now require Mapper Base to be installed


Latest version: 7.0.1 for MC 1.19.1

Latest MC 1.18.2 version: 6.0.2. 1.18.2 will not receive updates anymore.

Latest MC 1.17.1 version: 5.0.0. 1.17.1 will not receive updates anymore, it was just a first step for 1.18.

Latest MC 1.16.5 version: 4.3.0. 1.16.5 will not receive updates anymore.

Latest MC 1.15.2 version: 3.2.0. 1.15.2 will not receive updates anymore.

Latest MC 1.14.4 version: 2.1.1. 1.14.4 will not receive updates anymore.

Latest MC 1.7.10 version: 1.0.2. 1.7.10 is now outdated and completely different from newer versions.


All requests for any version will be ignored. Fabric support is also not planned. A 1.12.2 version is impossible because of the very large amount of blocks needed for the road surfaces and line variants. Asking for a backport is useless and will only show how dumb you are for not reading before posting.


Please only download this mod on CurseForge or Modrinth. Other sources like the mod rehost websites may host malicious contents in the provided files, along with wrong or mislabeled versions. They must be avoided for your safety.


Road Stuff currently adds road blocks and a paintbrush to paint hundreds of different line patterns on the road blocks.



Explore the world and gather some bitumen from ore deposits (Bitumen is generated by Mapper Base for 1.15 and 1.16 versions).

Craft some asphalt block with sand, gravel and bitumen or concrete blocks with sand and gravel. Place those blocks to build your roads (Those blocks are provided by Mapper Base in 1.15 / 1.16 versions).

Craft "slope" blocks with two asphalt or concrete blocks to make roads with smooth gradient.

Craft a paintbrush with sticks and wool (and upgrade them in 1.17+ versions), and paint buckets with iron. Place the bucket where you want but not in the water! Don't worry, you can move it with its contents later.

Fill a paint bucket with a right click while holding yellow or white dye (a bucket can only contain one color) and get some paint on your brush by interacting with it on a filled bucket.

Right click with the paintbrush to select a line pattern, and left click on a road block to paint!

You can also sneak + right click on a painted road block to copy the existing pattern in your brush, and sneak + left click on a painted block to erase the line.

Traffic cones are available! Useful to warn people about something dangerous...

To light up your roads, use reflectors! Come in two variants: basic and luminescent, with two colors (white and yellow).

For more safety on your roads, put some guardrails and bollards! They come in various colors for more customization.

In trouble against ennemies? Hit them with your paintbrush to throw paint on their eyes, turning your target blind for a short time!


How to find bitumen

Bitumen comes in rarer but bigger pockets compared to regular ores. However they can only be found at sea level, in biomes that are not too hilly or mountainous.

The best way is to look around rivers or coasts, or search for caves close to the surface. Otherwise simply dig near the surface around sea level to find pockets.


Time to get actual roads here! 


Everything under is about the old 1.7.10 version! Signs are not in Road Stuff for 1.13+.

Yes, images are broken, I probably don't have them anymore. It's very old.


Road Stuff brings blocks and items related to roads in Minecraft 1.7.10.



• Road Blocks: Asphalt, Concrete, with plenty of painted lines on it (no boost given while walking on them).

• Road Slabs: Only for a few line variants, for simulating slopes

• Traffic Signs: With many variants for signs (from many countries from the whole World). Customization possible with a right-click on them.

• Traffic Cones: 3 different shapes

• Bitumen Ore Gen: Bitumen is used for Asphalt crafting. Config exists to disable the generation (for map makers, modpack creators etc)

• Custom Achievements

• Localization for English, French (France and Canada are the same), Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Danish and Hungarian

• Chisel Support: Download Chisel


Note that 1.7.10 version won't be updated anymore.


Here are some screenshots (THIS IS ONLY FOR 1.7.10!):





Source code and bug tracker are linked to the top of this page. Feel free to check them and report any problem!