BlockRunner (for Minecraft 1.16.4 and 1.16.5)



I have no motivation anymore to work on Minecraft mods. It's too much time-consuming for the poor results I can produce as I'm not a programmer. You can consider my mods dead until further notice.

This means 1.17-1.18.2 will probably never be supported and 1.19+ is unknown.


BlockRunner allows moving faster on specified configurable blocks.


The mod comes with 5 different configs to allow you creating 5 kinds of speed bonus. Each config has its own speed bonus and block list that will grant players the bonus when they walk on them.

This mod was made in mind for modpack makers that want to give a speed bonus / malus by adding blocks they want. However it can simply be installed by anyone: by default the mod adds a small bonus for cobblestone blocks (normal and mossy variant with slabs and stairs) and dirt paths, and a bigger bonus for all stone bricks blocks. This can be changed to fit your needs. Modded blocks can be added as well and tags are now supported as well.


Please only download this mod on CurseForge. Other sources like mod rehost websites may host malicious contents in the provided files, along with wrong or mislabeled versions. They must be avoided for your safety and only you is responsible for downloading mods outside of CurseForge.


About the configuration

Note: X is replacing a number in the parameter names

The configuration works as following:

- you can enable or disable each of the five configs by switching the "configXEnabled" parameter to true or false.

- you can list all blocks that will apply the speed bonus in the "configXBlocks" parameter, see under to see how it works.

- you can define the speed bonus that will be applied to any player walking on the listed blocks with the "configXSpeed" parameter, see under for more details about the values to use. Ranges between -0.1 and 1.0.

Configuration is handled server side, this means the config file is not in the config folder anymore but in the save/serverconfig folder. This also means each save will have its own dedicated config so you can have unique parameters for each of your saves (including both single player and server saves). You can edit the config while playing, the changes are automatically applied (having console opened is recommended to be sure changes are detected as sometimes they won't for OS reasons).


About block and tag lists

Each list can contain as much blocks and tags as you wish. Blocks or tags from other mods are also accepted. The syntax for each block is "modid:blockname" with modid being the ID of the mod and blockname the block name. For tags it is the same but with a # before (ex: "#minecraft:sand" will apply speed bonus on all sand blocks both from Minecraft and mods).

To know what is the modid and the name of a block you can press F3+H in game to enable advanced tooltips and hover the block in the inventory to see the modid:blockname. You can also press F3 in game to display information and aim a block to see its name and tags it uses. For example Minecraft sand block is "minecraft:sand" and Biomes O'Plenty mud brick block is "biomesoplenty:mud_bricks". Separate each entry by commas (example: ["minecraft:grass","minecraft:dirt"]. Remember to always put quotes around each entry as well.

A block or tag can't be applied to two or more configs at once! If you do that, only the first config to containing it will apply the speed bonus on it, all following configs will ignore the block. Example: you put "minecraft:bricks" in both config B and config D, only config B will apply its bonus on bricks.

Individual blocks will have priority over tags so you can for example apply a bonus on all sand blocks and another bonus only on "minecraft:red_sand".


The mod comes with a config checker to identify the following problems in your config files:

- a block or tag is listed in multiple configs (the config that will apply the bonus will be indicated)

- a block or tag is listed but does not exist in the game (typo? missing mod? block doesn't exist anymore? You'll need to find out.)

If a listed block does not exist then its value will simply be ignored.


About speed bonus values

Minecraft applies a speed value on players at any time: when a player walks, runs etc. BlockRunner will add the bonus set in the configs to this value to increase it (or reduce it in case of negative boost).

When a player walks the value is around 0.11, when a player runs the values goes around 0.15. Setting a speed bonus of 0.01 will simple increase the walk speed value to 0.12, making him walk a bit faster, and the run speed value to 0.16. Basically the operation is an addition (but not a perfect one due to Minecraft shenanigans). If you enter a negative bonus, players will be slowed down instead.


About speed bonus limits:

At -0.1 players can't move anymore (except by jumping) so -0.1 is the lowest value you can set to block them. If you want them to still move avoid going under -0.09.

At 1.0 players move way too fast it becomes unplayable. It becomes impossible to move precisely or do any turn so it is recommended to not push the bonus too high (except if you want to have the "ultimate hyper highway block" for extremely long straight roads).


Please report any problem or bug on GitHub.