EmbellishCraft: Biomes O'Plenty Addon

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EmbellishCraft: Biomes O'Plenty Addon




EmbellishCraft: Biomes O'Plenty Addon is an addon for EmbellishCraft that adds support for Biomes O'Plenty custom wood variants to many new blocks like chairs, tables, stairs or doors.


Please only download this mod on CurseForge. Other sources like the mod rehost websites may host malicious contents in the provided files, along with wrong or mislabeled versions. They must be avoided for your safety.


Current additions:


- Support for wood variants for the following blocks

• Tables

• Terrace Tables

• Chairs

• Terrace Chairs

• Suspended Stairs

• Fancy Doors

• Plain doors

• Fancy Tables

• Wooden Crates

• Fancy Beds

• Fancy Chests


All 11 wood variants from Biomes O'Plenty are supported (12 wood variants for 1.14.4). Crafts are like the regular crafts but with BoP wood blocks instead.


Mapper Base or newer, EmbellishCraft or newer and Biomes O'Plenty or newer are required to run the addon in 1.15.2

For 1.16.5 you need Mapper Base, EmbellishCraft and Biomes O'Plenty


Remember to report any problem or bug! Thanks.



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