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(I highly recommend playing on the latest MC version of this mod for best experience with dimensions and other mods!)



Recent News: Added Ice Spike Temple and Mushroom Temple! 
Use the /locate command to find the closest one of these cool temples






    Ultra Amplified is a terrain mod that flattens the land into floating layers and uses vanilla-like biomes with nearly every feature and structure modified to fit better with this insane landscape! This includes trees spawning under the layers with patches of Glowstone-infused blocks providing light and large columns connecting layers! Some biomes were improved greatly such as Tall Birch Forest generating massive 2x2 trees and ocean biomes now being giant floating bowls of water! And yes, the Nether and End biome is also included in this world too to make things more interesting. 


   Furthermore, you can find Mineshafts and Villages with more biome variations and when you dig down, you will find a massive maze-like network of Ravines that leads to giant Cave Cavities with the floor filled with lava! And if you are lucky, you may find a Stonebrick variant of a Nether Fortress! The world is meant to be very difficult and tough but also fun to explore every corner! be sure to stay safe and bring torches with you as you explore the lower layers!


    Also, be sure to check out the images page for several screenshots of what the world looks like! And yes, you can use this mod in a modpack or download and modify the source code. It is all under MIT License so you can do whatever you want!






    When using the 1.14 version of this mod and want to enter this dimension in any worldtype, be sure to build this portal like shown below! Then right click on the Polished Diorite with Flint and Steel to create the portal block. Right click again (without sneaking/crouching) on portal block to teleport to the Ultra Amplified Dimension! The reason why right clicking while crouching won't teleport you is so you can now place blocks on the portal itself if you want to. Also, you can mine the portal with any tool or your bare hands if you misplaced it (the portal will drop Polished Diorite when mined).


Picture showing how to make the portal to enter Ultra Amplified Dimension


(Note: in 1.13 and 1.12, you need to set the worldtype to Ultra Amplified to get this crazy terrain but this may break several mods that relied on having vanilla biomes in the Overworld. I recommend using the most recent 1.14 version of this mod for better compatibility by using the dimension instead of Ultra Amplified worldtype.)


    While playing in the Ultra Amplified world, do note that it may take a moment to load chunks when running a large render distance even on a powerful computer. Just be patient since this mod is demanding in memory/power so start with a low render distance first and work your way up to what your PC can handle. I would also say you should allocate more ram by going into your Minecraft launcher, click profile settings, click Forge's profile, and changing -Xmx1G to -Xmx4G or higher for that profile's JVM Arguments.







   To reach this mod's config file, go into your world's save folder, open the serverconfig folder, and edit the ultra_amplified_mod-server.toml file to change the config. Then exit the world and re-enter for the changes to take effect. The config is saved on a per-world basis so the configs in one world should not affect another world.


   Some config options you have with this mod is how often and where ores spawn, structure rarity, what Ultra Amplified biomes spawn, how the terrain looks, and if the Ultra Amplified dimension is foggy. Furthermore, I recently added new mod compatibility config options to let you import other mods' features, structures, mobs, and biomes into the Ultra Amplified world! It isn't perfect and is set to false by default so if you like to try this out, you'll have to change that config to true. The importing only works if the other mods adds their stuff by the addSpawn(...) and addFeature(...) code to the vanilla biomes. Let me know if a mod's stuff doesn't get imported and I can take a look into why. For example, I know Lycanite's mobs won't be imported due to that mod using a different spawning mechanic but many other mods seems to work just fine. However, if there are modded structures you want to blacklist for whatever reason when importing features, that option is also available too. Give it all a try!


     As for importing biomes, there are three options you can use. ImportModdedBiomes, importAllModdedBiomes, blacklistedBiomeList. With importModdedBiomes, modded biomes will be imported if they are added to the BiomeDictionary with a BiomeType of WARM, COOL, DESERT, or ICY. This means biomes that appears in the Overworld will most likely be imported with this option but some like Biomesoplenty does not register its biomes in the BiomeDictionary. Instead, use importAllModdedBiomes to import all modded biomes registered in the registry including Biomesoplenty's biomes or other dimension's biomes. However, not all biomes looks nice with the crazy terrain and some modded desert biomes that has the entire top layer made of Sand will cause your game to lag to unplayable level with falling Sand. For these biomes, you can add them to the blacklistedBiomeList to prevent them from spawning in the dimension. You can also blacklist an entire mod to prevent all of its biomes from being imported in that same list. The description above this option will show you an example of how to blacklist biomes or entire mods. Give it a try and let me know if an issue comes up! Though I do know of one mod that is a problem and that is The Midnight mod which causes chunks to stop loading in my dimension when you try and import its biomes. So if you want to add that mod, the put " midnight:* " into the blacklistedBiomeList option and then add that mod to the world. Other mods seems to work just fine but I'll keep my eye out on issues.


P.S. On the latest version of this mod, turn on Heavy Fog config and turn down your render distance to like 6 for super thick and spooky fog! It's really cool and feels like a horror game now!




For the list of changes in this mod, click the Source tab and check out README.txt file.

This helps me keep track of what I had done so far. 



*If you find an issue, glitch, or have a suggestion about my mod, let me know! :)




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