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The New TARDIS Mod adds our interpretation of a sentient alien time machine into Minecraft, inspired by the popular British television show, Doctor Who.


The Tardis in the mod allows you to travel anywhere in your Minecraft World, and if you so wish, any modded Dimension.

It contains a pocket dimension that allows you to have almost unlimited build space.

It also allows you to interact with other well known modded systems such as Forge Energy and Item piping.

The Tardis is also sentient to a degree! Its emotional systems affect factors such as flight accuracy and saving you from certain death. Tardises can also form personalities based on its wide variety of traits.


You will likely not understand how any of it works at first.
You may make a lot of mistakes, but most importantly, you can have fun and learn with it.


This mod is unlike any Tardis you have experienced before, so if you want to give this a shot, feel free to download it!

The mod works for singleplayer and multiplayer. It requires Minecraft Forge to be installed beforehand.



  • Travel to any dimension and location with your Tardis!
  • Multiplayer friendly and Survival mode ready
  • Private Tardis Interior Dimension with infinite build space
  • Comprehensive In-game Documentation (1.14+)
  • Interactive Tardis Emotional and Personality system that influences flight, abilities and more!
  • Customize the Tardis with a range of Console Units, Rooms, and Corridors
  • Customizable and multipurpose Sonic Screwdrivers
  • Bigger On The Inside non-Euclidean portal Rendering (MC 1.12.2, MC 1.16.5) 
  • Custom content support via Minecraft Datapacks
  • Open Source with API support for add-ons and integrations!

For more details, please visit our wiki: 


Cross-Mod Compatibility

Doctor Who - Weeping Angels [ Link

    • Weeping Angels can drain your Tardis of energy and have a chance to steal it! 

Doctor Who - Regeneration [ Link

    • Regenerating in the Tardis can damage it!

Doctor Who - The Master's Delight [ Link ]

    • Wreak chaos upon Tardises (mwhahaha) and experience its unique additions!

Handles Mod [ Link

  • Allows you to program custom Tardis functions with the CC:Tweaked Mod! 

Just Enough Items Recipe Mod

  • Integrations with the JEI Mod allow you to easily view our custom recipes!

Any mod with custom Dimensions

  • The Tardis timeship can travel to any mod’s dimensions. Dimensions can be blacklisted by adjusting the configuration file.

Forge Energy capable blocks

  • Holding a Sonic Screwdriver over any modded block that uses Forge Energy allows you to quickly scan the block's energy readings. 


Performance-enhancing mods such as Optifine are not compatible with the 1.12.2 version's Bigger On the Inside effect. This is because their source code is closed-source, so we cannot work with or work around their rendering changes.

A fix for the Optifine incompatibility can be done by turning off Fast Render in Optifine. This can allow one to use shaders and Optifine features with the Bigger On the Inside effect but is not guaranteed for all computers due to differences in graphics hardware or drivers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this mod a continuation of the original Tardis Mod by ShaneDarkholme?

A: No, while the New Tardis Mod was inspired by the original mod, it has no relation to it.

Q: Who made this mod?

A: The New Tardis Mod was founded by Spectre0987, but is developed by a group of people. The developers are the Tardis Team.

Q: Will you updating to Forge version X?

A: We will update to a newer version of Forge if it contains the tools we need. If the newer versions of Forge don't have the system yet, we will likely take longer to update to that version. 

Q: I was told by X that Y was added/implemented this way. Why does it not work this way?

A: Your installed version of the mod may not match with the version the information is referring to, or the information may be inaccurate.

Q: Why do the designs of your assets differ greatly from those seen in the Doctor Who television show?

A: The idea we are conveying is that this Tardis is not necessarily the Doctor's Tardis, but another Type 40 Tardis. Hence, while the aesthetic choices are inspired by the designs shown in the television show, they do not strictly adhere to them.

Q: Why are the Tardis controls in this mod so difficult to use? Why not make the experience based upon user-friendly GUIs?

A: The idea behind having button-based controls and minimal use of GUIs is to allow the user to experience a taste of how complex it would be to operate a time machine such as a Tardis. This hands-on approach is intended to help users question and explore their Tardis, learn about it, and respect it as if it were a living being, similar to how it is portrayed in the television show.

If you need more information, feel free to consult the in-game Tardis Manual Book or ask us!



Q: Are library mods required?

A: No. You only need the Tardis mod jar file.

Q: Which version of Forge do I need?

A: We recommend you use the latest version of Forge. Make sure the Forge version matches that of the Minecraft Version. E.g. 1.14.4 Forge for Minecraft 1.14.4

Q: Will you add support for cracked versions?

A: No, the developers do not support cracked Minecraft versions.


Mod Usage:

Q: How do I obtain a TARDIS? 

A: In the 1.14.4 versions, Tardises are now obtained by finding them and encouraging them to open for you. In 1.12.2, you would craft a Tardis Coral and wait for it to grow.

Q: Why is the Tardis not taking off/What are Sub-systems?

A: The Tardis requires the installation of special components to make it operational for flight. Currently, it requires the Dematerialisation Circuit and Fluid Links. Other sub systems such as the Chameleon Circuit are required for some of the features in the Monitor. (As of Version 1.1 for Minecraft 1.14.4) 

Q: How do I summon my TARDIS?

A: You will need to craft a Stattenheim Remote. If you are using the 1.12.2 version, you need to bind it to the Tardis by combining it with your Tardis key. In 1.14 you don't need to do this binding step. Finally, right-click a block with the remote. The Tardis will land roughly near the block’s coordinates.

Q: How do I generate rooms?

A: This requires two items - an ARS Structure Start Block and the ARS Tablet. The ARS Structure Block determines where the corridor is generated while the ARS Tablet determines the type of room to generate.

1. To generate the room, first place an ARS Structure block two blocks up from the floor of the Tardis interior to work.
2. Next, hold the ARS Tablet and right click. This will bring up a room selection GUI.
3. Select the room type you want to generate by clicking on the button that corresponds to the room you want. 
4. Finally, hold the ARS Tablet and right click on the ARS Structure Block. This will generate the selected room.

Q: Can you remove rooms that you create?
A: Yes, right click with the ARS Tablet on the ARS Structure Void Block that is located at the entrance of a generated room. You will be asked to confirm your decision before the room gets deleted. 

Q: Can I have more than one Tardis per world save?

A: In singleplayer, you can only own one Tardis. On a multiplayer server, each player can only own one Tardis.

Q: Can you remove the Tardis you own? 

A: You cannot disown or remove your Tardis using an ingame method. There is a technical solution which involves removing the Tardis dimension folder that corresponds to the player's UUID and removing the entry for that dimension inside the level.dat file in the world save folder. 

Q: How do I unlock the Police Box Exterior?

A: There are two types of Police Box exteriors, the Classic Mk3 and Modern Mk7. 

See this wiki article for more information.


You may ask, why does the survival process seem so convoluted? The idea behind this feature is that the Tardis in this mod is damaged and missing many vital components, including knowledge of exterior designs to disguise itself with. The player is the only one who can help this Tardis discover more things in the Minecraft world, including exterior designs. 


Terms of Use

General/distribution/mod packs:

You are free to use this mod for personal use.

You may use it for non-commercial public use as well, as long as you link back to this thread or CurseForge page and use official download links.

If you wish to put this mod in a modpack that is redistributed commercially, please contact the owner (Spectre0987) about it so we can discuss this further.


You can use this mod in your modpack. You don’t have to ask for permission as long as you credit the author.

You cannot upload this mod on other platforms.


This project is licensed under All Rights Reserved. More information about this license can be found in the License.MD file within the GitLab repository. 

You may NOT redistribute this mod by itself in a way that allows you to earn money off of it.

The source code is provided to allow for addon mods, but not redistribution of the code.

These terms can be subject to change. 


Issues and Contributions


If you would like to report an issue with the mod, please do so with our issue tracker. Please do so for the correct version of the mod.

1.14 Issue tracker:

1.12 Issue Tracker:


We really appreciate any contributions to the mod, whether its code or assets!

Code Contributions

Please submit a pull request to our repository.

1.14 Repo

1.12 Repo

Asset Submissions

Please signup for an account on our assets submissions website. You can also post your assets in our discord server.

Wiki and Documentation

Some aspects of the mod's wiki require updated documentation and we really appreciate any contributions on that front. If you would like to contribute documentation feel free to contact us via Curseforge or our Discord server!




  • Snakefangox - Contributed to creating the Bigger On the Inside feature
  • Honeyluck
  • CommandrMoose - Creating Gallifrey, trailer videos and preview videos


  • dhi_awesome
  • Violet
  • DocArcane


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server Minecraft Server

We host a small whitelisted Minecraft Server for this mod that lets you test out early versions of the next update! It is available for our Patreon supporters. 

To be whitelisted, please see our Patreon page for more information.


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