Timecrash 2

5,017 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

"... A long time ago, or one day yet to come... there was a time war. Many refugees and renegades fled the war. However, where can one go to escape an entire universe on fire across all of time? Some lucky few found a pocket universe, halfway between one reality and another. A strange voxellian realm.  There they abandoned their escape vessels, leaving them broken, and alone, and eventually buried by time. No one knows what happened to their former owners, but these fabled timeships of near infinite power remain. Waiting to be rediscovered. Yearning to once again journey through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space."

A Kitchen Sink style modpack curated for playing with the 1.14 version of the NEW TARDIS MOD. -- Questions and suggestions for the modpack should be sent to the ArcaneLabs DISCORD

If you'd like to follow the development of the NEW TARDIS MOD check out the project Discord by following this elegant and finely crafted link


Doctor Who - Regeneration

Starting Help
 - For early game resources in blasted wastelands...

Comforts, Campfire Torches, Water Strainer, Simple Farming

 - Do you have the thing that goes ding?
Alchemistry, Building Gadgets, Create, Gauges and Switches, CC: Tweaked, RFTools BuilderRFTools PowerSilent's Gems, Silent Gear, Silent's MechanismsSimple Diving GearTool BeltXNet

Timelord Tech (Magic) 
Any sufficiently advanced science...
BotaniaCorail TombstoneCyclicDruidcraftRandom ThingsReliquary, Switch-Bow

Exploration Mods 
All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will...Where do you want to start?

Aquaculture 2, Advanced Mining Dimension, Dimensional Dungeons, Extended Caves, QuarkSpartan ShieldsThe Lost Cities, The MidnightUnforgiving VoidXaero's Minimap ...And many more.

Storage Mods
 - organize the way you want to...

Better CratesRefined StorageStorage Drawers

Decorative Mods
 - You've redecorated... I don't like it.

Corail WoodcutterCosmetic Armor Reworked, EmbellishCraft, Extended LightsI Like WoodMasonrySimply Light, Wallpapercraft


And many more small mods to just make your life more interesting


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