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The Regeneration Mod is a Minecraft Forge Mod that allows the player to gain the ability to “regenerate” upon death.

Inspired by the popular British television show “Doctor Who”, the mod gives a taste of an iconic ability of the “Time Lord” race.



Regeneration is the flagship feature of this mod. It is an ability that allows the player to prevent death for a maximum of 12 times, after which the player will die using vanilla Minecraft mechanics.

When the player regenerates, they will release a wave of fiery Regeneration energy, which heals the player, grants them multiple status effects and interacts with the environment, such as creating explosions, fire and knocking back nearby entities.

After the Regeneration process is complete, the player will gain unique abilities along with temporary side effects. See below for more details.


Grace Period

Grace State

Upon death, the player will enter a state of “grace”. This allows the player to hold off their Regeneration for up to 15 minutes (configurable). This is especially useful if you are vulnerable or need to prevent nearby builds from burning.

If you wish to delay your regeneration for longer you just have to punch any block, and your hands will stop glowing. Keep in mind that you can only delay your regeneration for a limited amount of time, after which you'll die for real.

You can press 'R' (by default) to regenerate at any time while in a grace period.


Post-Regeneration Side Effects

Upon finishing the regeneration process, the player will be fully healed, fed and supplied with maximum oxygen, along with other temporary effects. Due to the traumatic nature of regenerating every cell in their body, the player can also experience additional temporary negative side effects.



In addition to experiencing post-regeneration side effects, the player will be able to gain a set of unique “traits” (aka “Genes”) as part of their new body. These can include traits such as:

  • Non-flammable - Immune to fire damage!
  • Hydrophobic - Nausea and Weakness when exposed to rain.
  • Spider - Climb walls!
  • And more!


Skin Changing and Preferences


The mod also allows you to change your skin after regenerating!

By placing skins in the .minecraft/mods/Regeneration/skins folder and using the in-game Regeneration Preferences, you can customize the skin file to use when regenerating.

The Preferences GUI also allows you to customise your regeneration energy colour, regeneration animation style and hand type.

For a more detailed tutorial, see the following video:





Biocontainer recipe

The Bio-container allows you to retain your current body’s traits and passively store residual regeneration energy. This block can be made functional by inserting an amputated Hand into the Bio-container GUI.

You can retain your current traits by right clicking the Bio-container when regenerating. Note that you must target the block when regenerating.

You can also gain multiple Regenerations by Sneak+Right clicking the block when not in a regeneration state. Each Regeneration will use up 100 residual regeneration energy stored in the block.

Who knew an amputated body part could be used for achieving immortality?



Fob Watch


Fobwatch recipe

The Fob Watch allows you to store and gain a maximum of 12 regenerations.


Lindos Vial

 Lindos vial

Lindos vial recipe

The Lindos Vial is a 1.12.2 exclusive feature that allows the player to instantly begin regeneration or store a small amount of regeneration energy for later use.

Storing regeneration energy first requires the vial to be placed in water. The vial must then be filled with 100 Lindos energy, which can be gradually gained if the player holds a vial during the grace period and continues to hold it during the regeneration process.

Using a fully filled vial will immediately start the regeneration process and use up the stored Lindos energy, allowing for the vial to be reused in the future.





A Hand allows the player to store the player's current traits and add functionality to a Biocontainer.

The hand can be obtained if the player is damaged by a sharp object, such as a Sword, in the post-Regeneration phase. (By default, use Sneak+Right click with the sharp item)

Now, it may be shocking to see your hand missing after this, but don't worry! After the regeneration process has been completed, your residual regeneration energy will allow you to grow that hand back and you’ll be as good as new!





Regeneration energy can be found in the form of Lindos energy particles. These particles can be stored by the player using the Lindos Vial.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my main hand change after regenerating?
A: This is a feature added by this mod which is enabled by default. You can disable this by editing the configuration file.

Q: Why do my chat messages become temporarily obfuscated (unreadable) after regeneration?
A: That is a feature added by this mod to represent the trauma and various side effects that can occur from regeneration.

Q: Why don't the Regeneration beams render when regenerating?

A: That is likely due to you setting the beam colour to white. Due to the way Minecraft renders some features, it cannot render the beams properly in this state.

Q: Is the mod open source?
A: Yes! Here’s a link to the Github repo:

Q: I have a suggestion!

A: Any suggestions to the mod are welcome! Just create a PR on the GitHub if you want to offer code, or leave a comment below if you wish to offer ideas. You can also use the discord suggestion channel.


Terms of Use

General/distribution/mod packs:

You are free to use this mod for personal use.

You may use it for non-commercial public use as well, as long as you link back to this thread or CurseForge page and use official download links.

If you wish to put this mod in a pack that is redistributed commercially, please contact me about it and we'll discuss terms.


You can use this mod in your modpack. You don’t have to ask for permission as long as you credit the author.

You cannot upload my mod on other platforms.


This mod follows the GNU Public License v3. More information about this license can be found in the License.MD file within the GitHub repository.

You may NOT redistribute this mod by itself in a way that allows you to earn money off of it.



The Regeneration Mod currently has built-in integrations with the following Minecraft mods:





Ideas and concepts

Massive credit to ConnorSimp, Nictogen and the general user base for creating concepts for this mod.



  • Fob watch Model
  • Lindos vial model
  • Bio-container/Hand in a Jar model


  • Altered Fob watch engraving texture


  • Various engraving textures


  • Locating various sounds for use in mod



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