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Doctor Who - Regeneration


Regeneration Mod

The Regeneration Mod is a Minecraft Forge mod that allows players to gain the ability to regenerate after death, inspired by the popular British television show "Doctor Who".


  • Regeneration: Players can regenerate up to 12 times before dying using vanilla Minecraft mechanics. When a player regenerates, they release a wave of fiery energy that heals them and grants them multiple status effects. After the regeneration process is complete, the player gains unique abilities and temporary side effects.
  • Grace Period: Upon death, players enter a state of grace that allows them to hold off their regeneration for up to 15 minutes. This can be useful if players are vulnerable or need to prevent nearby builds from burning.
  • Post-Regeneration Side Effects: After regenerating, players are fully healed, fed, and supplied with maximum oxygen, along with other temporary effects. However, they may also experience temporary negative side effects due to the traumatic nature of regenerating every cell in their body.
  • Traits: After regenerating, players can gain unique traits (aka "Genes") as part of their new body. These can include traits such as non-flammable, hydrophobic, and spider.
  • Skin Changing and Preferences: Players can change their skin after regenerating by placing skins in the .minecraft/mods/Regeneration/skins folder and using the in-game Regeneration Preferences. The Preferences GUI also allows players to customize their regeneration energy color, animation style, and hand type.


  • Bio-container: The Bio-container allows players to retain their current body's traits and passively store residual regeneration energy. It can be made functional by inserting an amputated hand into the GUI. Players can gain multiple regenerations by sneak+right clicking the block when not in a regeneration state.
  • Fob Watch: The Fob Watch allows players to store and gain a maximum of 12 regenerations.


For support, please use the issue tracker.