Doctor Who - Regeneration

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What does it do?

Inspired by a totally-not-at-all popular British television show (Doctor Who), this mod allows you to obtain the regeneration of powers of a 'Timelord'. Once you obtain these powers, you will regenerate into a new body instead of dying. However, this process will only occur 12 times, after which you will die for real.


How do I obtain these "powers"?

You currently receive your regeneration powers by using a 'Fob Watch', found as dungeon loot. Using a Fob Watch will give you 12 regenerations, with a maximum of 12 regenerations per person at once (leftover regenerations will stay in the watch).

It's possible to craft an empty Fob Watch to store your precious regenerations using the following recipe:

Recipe for crafting an empty fob watch

To store your regenerations in the watch you use it in combination with the Shift key. This will transfer 1 regeneration from your body into the watch. This is very useful for when you're going to do something stupid and don't want to waste your precious regenerations.


'Grace period'

Sometimes a regeneration just comes at the worst possible moment. You obviously don't want your house to burn down, or maybe you're in a very dangerous situation and can't afford to be vulnerable right now. Luckily this mod allows you to delay your regeneration for up to 15 minutes! (configurable)

When you die, your death will be held off and you'll enter the grace period. During this time your hand will glow periodically. If you don't do anything you'll start your regeneration after 30 seconds (configurable). If you wish to delay your regeneration for longer you just have to punch any block, and your hands will stop glowing. After 2 minutes (configurable) your hands will start to glow again. This cycle continues until you either regenerate, or die.

Keep in mind that you can only delay your regeneration for a limited amount of time, after which you'll die for real. You can press 'R' to to regenerate at any time while in grace period.


 The actual regeneration

The process of regeneration itself is quite simple. You'll explode in a violent burt of light and tnt-like explosions. Everything within a range of 3 blocks will be killed immediately (this can be changed in the configuration file), and everything in a range of 7 blocks will be knocked back (this too can be changed). Once you finish your regeneration you will receive a full health and hunger bar, and maximum oxygen if you're underwater. (All of this can be changed in the configuration file.)




Vials can be used to collect Lindos hormones. Lindos hormones are what timelords use to trigger regeneration in time of great trauma (such as death).

To collect Lindos hormones, you must first craft a vial and fill it with water. Then, hold it in your hand either when your hands are glowing during grace period (this is the slower way) or when regenerating (This fills it up to 100). In the future, should you want to regenerate without dying (for example because you got bad traits), simply drink the Lindos hormone filled vial to trigger regeneration.

Players that don't have any regenerations can also drink these hormones, which will trigger a one time only regeneration.


Asset Credits: 

Fob watch Model: Dhi_awesome

Fob watch altered texture:


Planned features 

  • A better/more 'realistic' way to receive the regeneration power
  • Lindo tipped arrows
  • More violent regenerations if you hold them in longer
  • Dynamic grace length
  • Improved skin changing


  • Certain things like water and slimes render above the regeneration effect. This is caused by the way minecraft renders stuff and is sadly unfixable.
  • When immune to fire damage your 'view' still shakes when in lava
  • There are some exploits regarding infinite regeneration mode (although you already had infinite regenerations anyway)
  • Absorption hearts might not always be removed on death



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