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Modern Dynamics


Modern Dynamics (MD)

Modern item and fluid pipe mod for Fabric, inspired by Thermal Dynamics. Requires Fabric API.

Status: Beta, testing appreciated! Should be safe to use in worlds, no breaking changes are planned.

If you find any bug or missing feature, please open one issue per feature/bug on GitHub, but check first that no such issue exists.

Discussion on the AE2 discord.

Current Features

Item Transport Pipes

Item pipe image

Fluid Transport Pipes

Fluid pipe image


  • Place an extractor on an item or fluid pipe to allow it to extract from adjacent inventories.
  • Place an attractor on an item pipe to allow it to pull from connected inventories. Place an attractor on a fluid pipe to increase the speed at which it pulls fluids from the network.
  • Guess what a filter does! ;)
  • Item pipes will normally prefer the closest inventory. An inhibitor increases the length of a connection by 1000 for pathfinding purposes, which makes item pipes avoid that connection if possible.

Modern Industrialization Cables

When Modern Industrialization is loaded, the following energy cables are available: LV, MV, HV, HV and Superconductor cables. They transmit EU, similarly to cables from Modern Industrialization... they just look cooler! ;)

EU cables image

Machine Extender

The Machine Extender can be placed on top of a machine to "extend" it, giving more space for pipes to connect. Machine Extenders can be stacked.

Here is an example with a Modern Industrialization Chemical Reactor:

Machine Extender image


There is a wrench to configure the pipes, and the pipes are compatible with any standard Fabric wrench (using the c:wrenches tag).

Further questions

Why did you make yet another pipe mod?

  • We believe a lot of people are interested in a Thermal Dynamics-like pipe mod.
  • I (Technici4n) have written instantaneous pipes for Modern Industrialization, and I want to try doing non-instantaneous pipes now. It's a lot more complex, which makes it fun. It will also be a good test for Fabric's Transfer API.

Why are you copying Thermal Dynamics?

  • Reusing TD's concepts allows us to focus on getting the core logic working for now, but once the mod is working we will revisit some design decisions to further improve the mod.
  • Reusing TD's textures (modified) is allowed by TD's license, and again allows us to focus on the logic instead of focusing on art. We will most likely change the pipe models at some point. All code is original.

Port to Forge?

Probably not since Thermal Dynamics should be released for Forge eventually.



Lesser General Public License v3.

Art and Sound Assets

© 2012-2017 Cult of the Full Hub / Team CoFH / CoFH

Art and sound assets are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)