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A client-side dynamic lighting API mod.

đź’ˇ What is Lucent?

Lucent is a dynamic lighting mod and API designed with configurability in mind. This mod will impact your FPS, but many steps have been taken to reduce the performance cost without overhauling Minecraft’s rendering engine.

If the mod reduces your FPS too heavily, check the config file for its many settings. The most impactful options are to reduce the lightRefreshRate and to disable smoothBlending.


Mod Conflicts

  • Optifine: It will work, although some dynamic lighting will behave strangely if Optifine’s dynamic lighting is enabled.
  • Magnesium (1.16.5): Many parts of Lucent will break with this, and it is not recommended.
  • Rubidium (Tested in 1.18.2/1.19.2): Dynamic lighting will work, but emissive textures won’t. Sometimes crashes if there's a lot of dynamic lighting happening.
  • Flywheel (Tested in 1.19.2): Dynamic lighting behaves weirdly with blocks rendered through Flywheel's backend. Turning their backed off in the config fixes this, at the cost of performance. Emissive block textures won’t work at all, and may look weird on Create contraptions. Warnings will appear on the first world load with Lucent installed if you have Flywheel.

Mod Support (1.19.2 and up)

  • Create
  • Resource packs may define conditional dynamic lighting for entities and items, utilizing various bits of data about the light source to control how much light should be emitted. Additional conditions may be used to define things like if a light source works underwater or not.
  • The API has been expanded, allowing for custom render pipelines to access data about dynamic lighting and emissive textures.

Mod Support (1.18.2 and up)

  • Resource packs may define simple dynamic lighting for entities and items.

Mod Support (1.17 and up)

Dynamic Lighting:


🤷 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t Optifine do this already?

There is dynamic lighting in Optifine, however it is NOT open-source. Lucent’s dynamic lighting has been completely written from scratch and is open-source, aimed for modpacks and developers that want to work with Lucent’s API for smooth dynamic lighting. Optifine CANNOT be distributed on CurseForge, so for those creating modpacks, who want dynamic lighting right out of the box, Lucent is great for modpack creators.


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