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A Quilt mod which adds better grass and snow to the game.


đź“– What's this mod?

Have you ever used MCPatcher/OptiFine better grass feature? I did and I did not like it, not at all. Main issue is it's too rough even at Fancy settings.
That's why I made my own mod, to fix this issue and provide an alternative of one of OptiFine features to the Fabric ecosystem! Grass blocks will now connect and the nearby grass blocks will be smoothed.


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âś… Features:

  • Connect grass blocks
  • Connect mycelium blocks
  • Connect podzol blocks
  • Connect grass path blocks
  • Connect crimson nylium blocks
  • Connect warped nylium blocks
  • Add snow layer to many non-full blocks when Better Snow is enabled
  • Add an optional built-in resource pack to have snowy fences.
  • API for resource pack creators and modders to add new block connection following the better grass rule or new alternate models for blocks following the better snow rule.


đź“– Usage

To use this mod it's very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Quilted Fabric API and ModMenu.

You will notice that some blocks like grass blocks will connect together, if you want to try other options or want to have the same look as OptiFine you can look into the settings screen of the mod via ModMenu.


Need help? Come check out my Discord server.


đź“– Compatibility