Extra Bit Manipulation

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This mod is an addon to the Chisels & Bits mod. It adds a wrench that rotates/mirrors/translates/inverts chiseled blocks, sculpting wires/spades that remove/add cuboidal/ellipsoidal/cylindrical/conic/pyramidal areas of bits from chiseled/chiselable blocks, a modeling tool that makes chiseled block models of 16^3 areas of blocks in the world, and armor pieces that render chiseled blocks (and any items) as their moving parts. It also allows chisel designs to be edited and bits to be thrown like snowballs.

Issues should be submitted via GitHub (here), if possible, but can be submitted internally, if need be.

This mod has been released into the public domain. Use it anywhere in any way. 


Chiseled Armor Helmet Chiseled Armor Block Collection Chiseled Armor GUI                                                                 Chiseled Armor Vanity Slots GUI     Chiseled Armor Block Collection


Translate chiseled blocks.

Remove spherical areas if bits from clicked chiseled/chiselable blocks.

An eye made with Sculpting Wires and Spades by removing/adding spherical areas of bits in global mode.

Drawn Ellipsoid Screenshot

Drawn Elliptic Cone Screenshot

A village that was read, chunk by chunk (24 chunks in total), with the Modeling Tool to make a model of it.

Model of a village made with the Modeling Tool by reading the village chunk by chunk (24 chunks in total).


Chiseled Armor tutorial by Pooka Plays:


  1. 3:55 [FIXED] Armor worn in vanity slots is now visible to everyone.
  2. 23:51 [INFO] Both 'before' and 'after' GL operations apply to all blocks/items of a moving part. The order is 'before', then 'part-specific', then 'after', since order maters in Open GL.
  3. 41:35 I never even thought about enchantment overlay rendering. I'll have to look into it.
  4. 45:55 [ADDED] The moving parts of chiseled armor pieces can prevent moving parts and overlays of the player model from rendering.
  5. 48:27 [INFO] Holding shift, while in collection mode, causes the collection area start/end points to be offset by one from the block/pixel you are looking at. This makes collecting liquid bits easier.
  6. 59:05 [INFO] Blocks are collected by clicking on one block/bit and releasing on another to collect all intersecting bits. Blocks/bits do not need to be individually clicked.

Finally, I highly suggest that everyone read the tooltips for chiseled armor items while holding control (while in different modes, since the info is mode-specific), as well as clicking the question mark in GUIs and reading all the more detailed hover text while hovering the cursor over each highlighted element.


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