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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
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  • Fixed localization typos. Fixes #32
  • Removed all potential for key binding NPEs. Fixes #33



  • Fixed Bit Mapping GUI tab rendering bug.
  • Fixed another potential key binding crash on startup. Fixes #31



  • Added additional sets of vanity armor slots. Closes #23
  • Allowed vanity slots to be accessed via the replaceitem command. Addresses comment #16
  • Added iron chiseled armor. Closes #20


  • Allowed chiseled armor worn in vanity slots to be visible to other players. Fixes #19, #20, #22
  • Added compatibility with More Player Models. Fixes #18, #19, #21, #24
  • Added compatibility with Custom NPCs. Fixes #17
  • Fixed potential key binding crash on startup. Fixes #16
  • Fixed default chiseled armor model arm positioning on zombies.




  • Prevented crashing that occurs when a mod (like Extra Utilities) checks key binding activity before MC's player instance is initialized.
  • Fixed body part template area rendering bug.
  • Allowed Chiseled Armor to work with Galacticraft.



  • Added Chiseled Armor vanity slots to the player's inventory.
  • Added the ability to throw bits from Bit Bags (default: press R).

Chiseled Armor Vanity Slots:

Armor worn in one of the added inventory vanity slots render on the player, but don't take up an armor slot and don't provide additional protection. Click the helmet icon (if displayed) in the survival player inventory or press H (by default) to access these slots:




  • Fixed bug where changes to MC's window dimensions can cause armor items to render outside their slots.
  • Fixed bug where some quads of Chiseled Armor stack models render with incorrect tint colors (Ex: grass blocks).
  • Prevented block collection if a bodypart template reference area has not yet been set.



  • Added Chiseled Armor pieces that render chiseled blocks (and any items) as their moving parts.


  • Fixed unsafe means of getting a Bit Tool's set/filter bit state name (fixes #14).
  • Fixed bug where the disabling of Bit Wrench overlay rendering also disabled other rendering.
  • Fixed longstanding bug with scaling objects in GUIs.

In addition to this page, information on Chiseled Armor can be obtained in-game by the following means:

  • Holding the control key while hovering the cursor over a Chiseled Armor itemstack will display usage information.
  • JEI will give basic information on how to import copies of blocks in-world into armor pieces.
  • Pressing the question mark button in the top right of the Chiseled Armor GUI will enter help mode, where all relevant objects will render detailed help text when hovering the cursor over them. (this is a particularly useful and expansive source of information about Chiseled Armor).

Step 1 - Bodypart Template Creation

Click a surface in 'Template Creation' mode to set an area that represents the bodypart associated with the armor piece's selected moving part at the selected scale (right-click to additionally fill the area with bits that will be ignored when importing):


Step 2 - Block Collection

After you have created your model around the in-world bodypart template area, put the armor piece in 'Block Collection' mode. Clicking one block/bit and releasing on another, draws a box around your model and imports copies of all intersecting blocks:


Chiseled Armor GUI

All data of all currently worn armor pieces can be viewed and modified in the GUI that opens by pressing its keybind - default is G. There, any item can be added/removed and can have any number of GL operations (rotation, translation, scale) applied to it:




  • Included JEI's Translator class in EBM, rather than directly referencing it. All credit to mezz.



  • Fixed bug where offset shapes could not be placed in local mode.
  • Fixed bug where rectangular pyramids could not be drawn when facing in a negative axial direction.



  • Fixed screen flickering in the Bit Tool settings menu GUI.



  • Restricted minim Chisels & Bits version to 12.11
  • Added sculpting shape placement offset mode for spades.
  • Added JEI info pages for sculpting and modeling, and description pages for bit tools, throwing bits, and editing chisel designs.
  • Added ability to throw bits like snowballs:
    • They can also be deployed from vanilla dispensers.
    • Upon block collision, they place in the world, if possible. If not possible (or if thrown at entities) they drop as items.
    • If not disabled via config, bits with a martial of lava ignite blocks/entities and bit with a martial of water extinguish them.
    • The damage amount, entity burn time (for lava bits), velocity, and inaccuracy of thrown bits are also configurable.


  • C&B API bug fixes; When sculpting or wrenching blocks:
    • Client-server desync no longer occurs.
    • There is no longer a prominent flash of transparency as blocks convert to chiseled blocks.
    • There is no longer a potential for all blocks to become transparent until the client is restarted.
  • Fixed bug where pressing the C&B radial menu key would crash if bound to non-standard key.
  • Fixed potential for NPE when finding random points in blocks to spawn bits in.
  • Fixed bounding box rendering bug with wires in local mode.
  • Removed framerate-dependence of Bit Wrench overlay mirror/rotation/translation periods by using a stopwatch and setting their configs to milliseconds per cycle, rather than frames per cycle.
  • Replaced use of GL stencil buffer with GL scissors in the bit mapping GUI.
  • Remedied situation where other mods register diamond nuggets with the ore dictionary but don't add easily obtainable recipes for them (accomplished by registering with the ore dictionary and adding the recipes of 9 nuggets to a diamond and vice versa regardless of whether other mods do so), but added configs for disabling all three (defaults set to false).



  • Fixed longstanding and previously unnoticed bug where global/local shapes--and the end point that sets the semi-diameters of drawn shapes--are improperly offset in the direction opposite the side of the block clicked.
  • ItemStacks' max sizes are now respected by the Modeling Tool GUI when spawning them in creative mode.
  • Default recipe configs for tools now only require a 2x2 grid, rather than unnecessarily requiring a 3x3 grid. [Reset the relevant recipe configs for this to take effect.]



  • Allowed all tool settings to be set via a menu that opens when pressing the vanilla Chisels & Bits radial menu key bind.
  • Added new item – Modeling Tool:
    • Creates chiseled blocks that are models of collections of blocks in the world.
    • An area of blocks (up to 16 x 16 x 16) is selected by left clicking, and a chiseled block model is created in the world by right clicking.
    • Chiselable block states will automatically map to bits of that block state, while unchiselable block states will map to a default bit (although that is configurable)
    • Whether or not a state is chiselable, a mapping of states to bits, and of blocks (i.e. all states for a given block) to bits, can be manually specified via a GUI.
    • Instructions regarding controls/usage are found in the tooltip and GUI hovering text.
    • Many new configs were added for the Modeling Tool.
  • Added SHIFT, CONTROL, and ALT replacement keybinds for tools (Ex: control + left click becomes some other key + left click), as well as a keybind to open the Modeling Tool GUI.
  • Allowed vanilla Chisels & Bits designs to be edited while holding them upon pressing the keybind that opens the Modeling Tool GUI.
  • Split up config file into three main files: client, server, and common:
    • The client and server files contain only configs accessed from client or server, respectively. The common file contains configs accessed from both client and server.
    • The number of common configs was minimized, so there are far fewer instances where changing a value will cause client/server desync.
    • When a player joins a server, only their common config file needs to be the same as the server's.
    • The config GUI was split into three primary menus to access these three main config files.
  • Switched player-bound tool data from being stored in the player's NBT via the capability system to being stored per-client in separate config files:
    • These additional config files (sculpting and modeling) cannot be accessed via the config GUI and are automatically read from and written to when using their respective tools in-game.
  • Allowed config bit item stacks to be specified via block ID or by string (modid:name), and added support for specifying them with metadata (Ex: minecraft:wool:7 or 35:7).
  • Prevented recipe configs from being changed in-game and caused the Minecraft restart requirement prompt to display when they are changed.




  • Ported to Minecraft 1.10.2 (for Chisels & Bits v11.0+)

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