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Dynamic Trees - Pam's Harvestcraft

Dynamic Trees | Pam's HarvestCraft



This mod replaces Pam's Harvestcraft fruit trees with Dynamic versions.  
Fruit trees will have custom fruit blocks that will grow randomly over time, if right clicked when mature (unlike Pam's Harvestcraft) it will disappear to collect the fruits and will grow back after a while.
This mod also adds compatibility with Serene Seasons! Using Dynamic Tree's seasonal adapter you can now expect your favorite Pam's Harvestcraft fruits at their own time of year.


Dynamic trees for Pam's Harvestcraft 2: Trees has been released!

This page is ONLY FOR PHC 1 and will not be ported further. For versions 1.16 and further use PHC 2


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Currently Included Trees:

     • Almond
     • Apricot
     • Avocado
     • Banana
     • Breadfruit
     • Cashew
     • Cherry
     • Chestnut
     • Cinnamon
     • Coconut
     • Date
     • Dragonfruit (actually a cactus)
     • Durian
     • Fig
     • Gooseberry
     • Grapefruit
     • Guava
     • Hazelnut
     • Jackfruit
     • Lemon
     • Lime
     • Lychee
     • Mango
     • Maple
     • Nutmeg
     • Olive
     • Orange
     • Papaya
     • Paperbark
     • Passionfruit (actually a vine)
     • Pawpaw
     • Peach
     • Pear
     • Pecan
     • Peppercorn
     • Persimmon
     • Pistachio
     • Plum
     • Pomegranate
     • Rambutan
     • Soursop
     • Infested Oak (spiderweb tree)
     • Starfruit
     • Tamarind
     • Vanilla Bean
     • Walnut

World Gen: ✔️
World generation produces dynamic Pam's Harvestcraft trees if worldgen is enabled in Dynamic Trees.


Q: Why does the fruit disappear when it's harvested?

A: It's supposed to but don't worry, it grows back in time.

Q: How come my fruit trees don't have any fruit?

A: The tree has to become sufficiently mature in size(specifically the trunk thickness) to produce fruit.  Little trees won't produce fruit. 

Q: How come bonemeal isn't working?

A: With this mod bonemealing fruit trees does not make fruit appear. Nor does it ripen growing fruit.

Q: How can i harvest maple syrup from the maple tree?

A: The proper way to obtain maple syrup is to use a maple spile. These are created by right clicking the dynamic maple log with an iron ingot. After that, a bucket can be hung from it to harvest syrup over time.

Q: How can i harvest paper from the paper back tree?

A: You can right click a log with any axe to strip the bark off, obtaining paper

Q: How can i harvest cinnamon from the cinnamon tree?

A: Cinnamon trees will drop cinnamon when chopped down.

Q: How do I get the original Pam's Harvestcraft saplings?

A: Craft seeds or fruits with a dirt bucket to exchange them for the original Pam's Harvestcraft saplings.

Q: Can I get seeds from the fruit?

A: Place the fruits in any crafting spot.

Q: Can you make an addon for X mod?

A: Addon suggestions go here:


Passionfruit now grows as a vine!

It behaves in a similar way to normal vines, but will grow fruits on it as well.
To plant the passionfruit seeds, click the top surface of the block like normal but make sure it has a flat wall nearby:



Welcome the Palm trees!

Dates and Coconuts, as many will know are palm trees, and thus will now look like this. Careful with the coconuts!


Papayas and Banana trees, despite not being technically palms they still look quite like them!
You will notice the small plants growing around the banana trees, what are they?
Well, in real life most bananas are actually infertile, you can not grow them from the fruit because they don't have seeds.
So, what to do? how do people grow bananas?
The answer lies in the previously mentioned small plants, called Banana Tree Suckers.
These can be harvested and replanted somewhere else to create a brand new banana tree.


What are these weird looking freaky trees?
Well, that is a dragonfruit cactus!
Fruit will grow around them for easy picking, but be careful, do not get to close to the prickly plant!

Other Dynamic Trees Addons:

- Dynamic Trees for Minecraft 1.12.2
Pam's Harvestcraft for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mod Compatibility Requests:
To request a new mod for compatibility please do it here!!

Any suggestions done in the curseforge comment section will NOT be taken into account (sorry!)

Mod Packs:

- You can use this in any mod pack you'd like! No need to ask.

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