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Dynamic Trees | Pam's HarvestCraft



This mod replaces Pam's Harvestcraft fruit trees with Dynamic versions.  World generation produces dynamic Pam's Harvestcraft trees if worldgen is enabled in Dynamic Trees.



 Fruit trees will have normal Pam's Harvestcraft fruit blocks.  These will break completely when harvested but the parent tree will reproduce the fruit on the tree at random locations.  The fruit removal is NOT A BUG.  DO NOT REPORT THIS AS A BUG EITHER HERE OR TO THE PAM'S HARVESTCRAFT PROJECT.  This was done to make the fruit growing process more realistic.



Q: Why does the fruit disappear when it's harvested?

A: It's supposed to but don't worry, it grows back in time.


Q: How come my fruit trees don't have any fruit?

A: The tree has to become sufficiently mature in size(specifically the trunk thickness) to produce fruit.  Little trees won't produce fruit. 


Q: How come bonemeal isn't working?

A: With this mod bonemealing fruit trees does not make fruit appear. Nor does it ripen growing fruit.


Q: How come most of the fruit trees look the same?

A: Most of them will.  There's a lot of fruit trees that have been provided by Pam's Harvestcraft and I haven't had the time to add unique trees for all of them.  In time I might add variations for banana, and coconut to be on palm trees.


Q: Why doesn't bark harvesting work?

A: Harvest the whole tree for the product. Maybe one day I'll get around to making this better.


Q: How do I get the original Pam's Harvestcraft saplings?

A: Craft seeds with a dirt bucket to exchange them for the original Pam's Harvestcraft saplings.


Q: Can I get seeds from the fruit?

A: Craft the fruit with a dirt bucket to change fruit into seeds.


Q: Can you make "X" dynamic tree add-on mod for this other "X" mod? pls pls pls pls!!

A: DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE MODS OR ADD-ONS.  This is extremely annoying and I will dislike you, ignore you, then promptly not make your requested mod respectively.




Cinnamon, Paperbark, and Maple trees are replaced with Dynamic Versions but require chopping the tree down to harvest the items.  As time permits I will replace the methods with bark harvesting methods.



This mod does not have it's own config file, but it will respect changes made to the Dynamic Trees config.


This mod requires Dynamic Trees version 0.9.1+ and Pam's Harvestcraft 1.12.2z+


Feel free to include this mod in any modpacks, no need to ask for permission.


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