Dynamic Trees - Vampirism

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Dynamic Trees   |   Vampirism 


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     This mod aims to add compatibility between Dynamic Trees and Vampirism. 


 • Dynamic Vampire Spruce [1.16.5]
 • Dynamic Bloody Spruce [1.16.5]
 • Dynamic Spruce Oak [1.12.2]


 • Dynamic Trees [0.9.18+ in 1.12.2] [0.10.0-Beta18+ in 1.16.5]
 • Vampirism [1.16.2+ in 1.12.2] [1.7.10+ in 1.16.5]
 • Forge [ in 1.12.2] [36.2.0+ in 1.16.5]


Licensing and Mod Packs


     Permission is hereby granted to use this mod in ANY mod pack or server. Please don't ask for permission to use the mod in your mod pack after I've already told you that you can, it's annoying. All sources can be viewed on GitHub, where it has an MIT License


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