Custom Portals

10,878 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Custom Portals is a mod for Minecraft 1.16 that allows you to construct inter- and intradimensional portals out of any block.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a dimension mod. If you are coming here from that "Minecraft but there are custom portals" YouTube video that went viral recently, this is not the same mod that is shown in that video. The portals will not take you to new dimensions; they just take you to wherever you build a second portal out of the same materials.



Custom Portals is a Fabric mod. To use this mod, you will first need to install Fabric. You will also need the Fabric API as well as the Cardinal Components API. The game will not start without both of these installed.

Navigate to your .minecraft folder and place the .jar file you downloaded, along with the .jar for the Fabric API & Cardinal Components API, into the "mods" folder. Launch Minecraft, and the mod should be installed.


Getting Started

To construct portals, you will need to craft portal catalysts. These are crafted with four ender pearls, four eyes of ender, and any dye, like so:



Once you have your portal catalysts, you'll want to build rectangular frames for your portals out of the block of your choice. The frames can be any size that a normal player can fit through.

When you're done, right click on the inside of the frame with your portal catalyst, and the portal will activate. Do the same where you want the other portal to be. If both of your portals are the same color and use the same block for their frames, they will automatically link to each other and you will be able to travel between them. Portals that are linked will emit particles. Remember that you can link portals across dimensions too!




Will there be a Forge port/backport to an earlier Minecraft version?

Sorry, but no. All future versions will be for Fabric and for the latest version of Minecraft. Feel free to make a port to your preferred version/modding platform yourself, though!

Does this work with Immersive Portals?

Currently, using this mod's portals to travel across dimensions tends to break the game on the client side if you have Immersive Portals installed. This has to do with how Immersive Portals changes the way dimensions are rendered.

Can I put this in my modpack/video?

Please do! I would only ask that you link to either this page or the Minecraft Forum page.


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