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Custom Portals

Now with portals in any shape!


Custom Portals is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to construct inter- and intradimensional portals out of any block.


Please read the FAQ before posting an issue!


Custom Portals is a Fabric mod. To use this mod, you will first need to install Fabric. You will also need the Fabric API. For versions prior to the release for 1.18.1, you will also need the Cardinal Components API.

Navigate to your .minecraft folder and place the .jar file you downloaded, along with the .jar for the Fabric API & Cardinal Components API, into the "mods" folder. Launch Minecraft, and the mod should be installed.


Getting Started

To construct portals, you will need to craft portal catalysts. These are crafted with four ender pearls, four eyes of ender, and any dye, like so:



Once you have your portal catalysts, you'll want to build frames for your portals out of the block of your choice. The frames can be any size and shape (for versions before 3.2.0, they must be rectangular).

When you're done, right click on the inside of the frame with your portal catalyst, and the portal will activate. Do the same where you want the other portal to be. If both of your portals are made out of the same materials and are within range, they will automatically link to each other and you will be able to travel between them. Portals that are linked will have an animated, lit-up texture and emit particles. By default, you will spawn in the center of your portal. You can change your portal's spawn position by shift-right-clicking the portal block you want to set it to with an empty hand.


Applying a redstone signal to a portal now turns it off!

Want to make portals that are only one way? Want to turn your portal off when you're not using it so that mobs don't wander in? Versions for Minecraft 1.19 and above allow you to do so with redstone!


 New in Versions 2.0.0 and above: Runes

In version 2.0.0+, portals that are made out of the same material will no longer link to each other unconditionally. By default, portals have a range of only 100 blocks and cannot link across dimensions. To increase the range of your portals, you will need to craft runes.

NOTE: If you prefer to play casually and don't want to have to deal with any of this, you can change this in the config. If you have both Mod Menu and Cloth Config installed, you can navigate to Custom Portals in the mod menu in-game, click the settings icon in the corner, and set "Portals Always Have Unlimited Range" to "yes". Otherwise, you can navigate to the customportals.conf file in the config directory of your .minecraft folder and change "portals_always_unlimited" to "true". Note that when this option is on, the Haste Rune is the only rune with any practical use.

The Haste Rune allows players to travel through portals instantaneously. It is crafted with 4 feathers, a rabbit's foot, and an amethyst shard:

The Gate Rune allows portals to link across dimensions. It is crafted with 6 weeping vines, 2 twisting vines, and an amethyst shard:

The Enhancer Rune, Strong Enhancer Rune, and Infinity Rune all extend the range of your portal.

The Enhancer Rune is crafted with 4 Lapis Lazuli and an amethyst shard
. It extends your portal's range to 1,000 blocks.

The Strong Enhancer Rune is crafted with an Enhancer Rune, 3 Prismarine Shards, and 2 Prismarine Crystals. It extends your portal's range to 10,000 blocks.

The Infinity Rune is crafted with 6 Popped Chorus Fruit, 2 Strong Enhancer Runes, and a Netherite Ingot. It extends your portals range indefinitely.

To attach a rune to a portal, simply place it on one of the blocks that make up the frame of the portal. If you have a pair of portals that are linked to each other, you only need to attach a rune to one of them, and its effects will be applied to both portals.





I built my portal, but it won't take me to the new dimension!

This is not a dimension mod; it's a transportation mod. The point is to build two portals out of the same materials, which will allow you to travel between them. This mod does not add any new dimensions, and if you build only one portal, that portal will be inactive until a matching portal is built for it to link to.

Will there be a Forge port/backport to an earlier Minecraft version?

Sorry, but no. All future versions will be for Fabric and for the latest version of Minecraft. I made this purely for fun and I simply don't have the time or the energy to learn an entire new modding framework and rewrite the whole thing from the ground up, which is what would be required to port this to Forge. You have my permission to port it yourself if you want to take on the project, though!

Does this work with Immersive Portals?

Currently, using this mod's portals to travel across dimensions tends to break the game on the client side if you have Immersive Portals installed. This has to do with how Immersive Portals changes the way dimensions are rendered.

Can I put this in my modpack/video?

Please do! I would only ask that you link to either this page or the Modrinth Page.