CraftTweaker Integration

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CraftTweaker Integration

CraftTweaker is not just a recipe changer. Thanks to the event system, other CraftTweaker addons and mods that implement integration with CraftTweaker, it has now become a game changer, which adds much more possibilities for modpacks.

Instead of adding more ways to add recipes (ModTweaker already did this), the mod aims to provide utilities and mod integrations that is for advanced modpack makers.

Current Features:

  • An IDate interface that allows access to system time and date calculations
  • Array utilities that allows sorting and reversing an array
  • IData utilities
  • Access and modify difficulty of Scaling Health (if it's installed)
  • Access and modify EMC values of ProjectE (if it's intalled)
  • A new way to add recipes for crafting table or other mods that has a crafting gridĀ 
  • Access to SereneSeasons seasons
  • Access to Nyx lunar events
  • Listen to Game Stages events
  • Useful vanilla expansions
  • Access to player money if FTB Money is installed
  • Serialize / deserialize IItemStack
  • Access to Blood Magic Soul Network and LP
  • Access to Thaumcraft vis, flux, warp and knowledge
  • Manipulate Forge Energy (FE or RF) of an item
  • Access to advancements
  • Baubles integration & add custom baubles (requires Baubles and ContentTweaker)
  • See theĀ wiki for more info.

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