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This modpack requires extra steps to install!

please see instructions under the Installation title below. All FAQs can be found there as well.

If you don't do this, you might not even be able to play or encounter terrible lag.

Also note: If you are NOT using Nvidia GPU, another extra step is required. View the installation guide for more info.



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There are never enough mods to play.

GreedyCraft is a mega hybrid modpack featuring 500+ mods (shows ~540 loaded in game). All of tech, magic and adventure aspects can be found in this pack but it's focusing mainly on adventure. At the same time, the modpack aims to completely change your Minecraft gaming experience, instead of boring grinding, you enjoy the process while making your way to the final goal.

The modpack is named GreedyCraft because it's for the greedy modpack searchers that are never satisfied with the amount of features a modpack can provide!

If you have ever attempted to add all of your favorite mods together but then give up because they keep crashing and don't work together, this modpack is definitely for you. The amount of mods does not make the modpack sound any better, the main point is to make this big amount of mods to work together and form a clear route that the player can follow to gain progress and fun constantly, instead of facing a lot of mods and don't know what to do. That's what GreedyCraft aims to do - we stage the mods behind a progression system and a questline so the player can clearly know what to do. We make boring and repetitive work that is found in almost every mod optional, and simplify the non-optional ones, so the player don't immediately get boring at the moment they look at the recipes. We also aim to produce chemical reactions between mods, which means when some mods are put together they can provide unexpectedly good results, the third person mode in this modpack is an example. Additionally, we add tons of customized stuff, QoL changes and graphic improvements to make you feel completely different from other modpacks.

In short, this modpack isn't about putting a lot of mods together and make sure it can run. It's optimized, and heavily modified, adding lots of new custom content and balancing all of the mods together. We aim to make all of these mods work together and form a unique progression system, associations between mods are not just recipes, but in many different ways.

Speaking of custom content, instead of just adding recipes and custom ingredients, this modpack focuses more on customized events, progression systems, QoL changes and difficulty balancing.

This is my first modpack that I have worked on for more than 2000 hours. If you encounter problems or have suggestions make sure to let me know!

Join our discord channel for updates, discussions and help.

If you enjoy my modpack, please consider becoming a patreon!

If you want to see in-game screenshots, go to the images tab.


TLDR: This modpack has 500+ mods and it's stable, optimized and has loads of custom content and tweaks, you will have the best experience in Minecraft ever, just play it ;)


  • A unique progression system where the game difficulty increases as you progress, loot and treasure get better at the same time. This modpack mainly makes use of Game Stages and Scaling Health to make it happen. No, you don't one-shot evey mob in late-game. Instead, mobs become stronger when you become stronger, but you also get more loot from stronger enemies.
  • 3 different game modes (or "packmodes") that lead to unique playstyles. Do you want a relaxing modpack, where you can farm and build pretty houses all day? Choose Casual Mode! You are a brave adventurer and want to explore the unknown and find the treasures? Adventure Mode is for you! Do you want some hardcore challenge and insane opponents? Try Expert Mode!
  • Lots of QoL changes that brings you a completely new Minecraft experience. For example, instead of playing the game in first person mode with your limbs as straight as a stick, you play the game in third person with bend animations and immersive battle feedbacks! Instead of boring strip mining, you explore gigantic underground caves (yes even bigger than in 1.17) and along the way get random encounters that give you useful loot after a rough battle!
  • Lots of audio tweaks. Different music plays when you are in different situations, for example you hear calm and relaxing music in villages, encouraging music in adventures, and battle music in battles! Sound effects are also changed to be more immersive.
  • Overhauled terrain generation and structures spawning. This includes: Custom ore spawning (imagine flying ores), overhauled cave generation, revamped villages, customized structures customized dungeon loot and so on! You may encounter treasure shrines that are actually a trap, loot chest defended by a set of turrets, battle towers, and much more!
  • Epic boss battles, tough mobs, but not really a lot of stress on making a basic survival. If you stay at home, you are safe (just like irl right now) mobs don't try to break in and kill you, which means you can develop tech and magic without distractions. Battles are still mandatory though, but you can easily avoid unwanted battles if you don't feel like fighting.
  • You play the game with shaders. Yes, 500+ mods and shaders, which sounds like will turn your computer into a bomb. But don't worry, if you have a decent gaming PC you can get the best experience ever on Minecraft. Also the modpack is designed to be 100% compatible with shaders, so don't worry about getting weird graphics. view spec recommendations for more details.
  • The weapon and armor progression is mainly based off Tinker's Construct, and it has More than 230 kinds of materials for you to pick and choose from! Additionally, More than 50 kinds of materials are added specifically by the modpack, which comes with a lot of custom traits! The entire Tinker's Construct system is heavily modified and rebalanced, which makes finding the best match of materials and traits extremely important.
  • Food system is overhauled. You should always keep a diverse diet because eating different kinds of food increases your max health. Eating the same kind of food will result in getting diminishing food values. The modpack contains more than 2000 kinds of food, so make sure you build a multiblock kitchen to cook more advanced foods!
  • While keeping the mods' original recipes if they don't break the balance, the modpack also tweaks some complicated (but not expensive) recipes to be a little bit easier, replaces dull recipes with fun ones, and provides a lot of QoL recipes. Customized recipes are still a plenty if you compare it with most other modpacks. Additionally, some workshops can be occasionally found in villages so you can skip the boring process of crafting basic machines for a mod. (there is even a 9*9 gigantic tinker's smeltery...)
  • An instructive modpack guide book, easy access to other mods' guide books and lots of tooltips and JEI descriptions to make sure you understand the game.
  • More than 500 quests with actually useful rewards (The quests usually reward you with items that you will use just afterwards), some quests are different in different packmodes.
  • Customized dungeon loot, mob drops and random quest rewards! These can change with progression, packmodes or even real life festivals!
  • Over 140 custom items!
  • It has 500+ mods, but almost all conflicts between mods are resolved and bugs are kept at a minimum. The modpack is also optimized heavily for a more smooth experience.

A modpack with 500+ mods is big, and without a doubt, require a better PC to run than other modpacks. Right now RAM is the most important part, if you don't meet the requirement for others, you might get some lag, but without enough RAM you can't even play. If you don't meet the RAM requirement, try to install more RAM on your PC so that you can play, ram sticks aren't expensive nowadays anyway.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Gen-5 Core i5 or better CPU (preferably desktop or H series on laptop)
  • 10GB or more physical RAM (IMPORTANT)
    • If you have only 8GB you can disable shaders (see installation guide) and have a try, but if your system occupies too much memory the game might fail to start no matter what.
    • If you're gonna add more RAM to your computer please don't install a 2GB stick on your 8GB just to meet this requirement, it's a stupid choice. Go above 16GB directly.
  • Any dedicated GPU in recent years should suffice if you don't play the game with shaders. Integrated GPU should be playable too, but might be visibly laggy.
  • Latest version of Java 8 64bit. (Higher Java versions might cause problems, for how to use OpenJ9 view the installation guide,)
  • Following the installation guide is required.
  • Recommended Specs:

  • Gen-8 Core i5 or better CPU (desktop or H series on laptop)
  • 16GB or more physical RAM (preferably 2*8GB ddr4 because two ram sticks are faster than one)
  • GTX 1060 or better GPU (1050 would be enough to run shaders, but 1060 or better is recommended if you want to play with shaders smoothly)
  • Install your game on an SSD if you have one. (Preferably NVMe SSD) This makes the game load faster and cause no lag when saving chunks.

With the recommended specs You should be able to play the game at above 60 FPS, with default configuration and shaders on.

I've only ever tested on a laptop with 1050ti GPU, 16GB RAM and i5-8300H, this one runs at 40-60 FPS.

and another laptop with 2060 GPU, 16GB RAM and Ryzen 4800H. This one runs at 60-100 FPS. (All with default config and shaders on)

Full credits can be found in Credits.txt in the modpack.

The modpack uses Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.

You May:

  • Play the modpack without restrictions
  • Edit the modpack for personal use (But don't report bugs if your modpack is edited)
  • Run non-commercial servers with this modpack
  • Create videos or stream with this modpack, regardless of it is edited or not (don't ask me for permission, just do it)
  • Use configs, scripts etc for learning (don't just copy large pieces of code)

You May NOT:

  • Redistribute an edited version of the modpack without my permission (though if you contact me I am likely to make exceptions)
  • Use entire scripts or very large pieces of code from this modpack in your project
  • Make money off my modpack, such as putting it behind an ad link or charging it for money


Make sure you follow the installation guide to install this modpack.

Otherwise you might get installation failures, modpack fails to start or lags. Most problems that you may ask are also written in this guide, make sure to read all of it.

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Installation Guide & FAQ

Make sure you read this before installing!

Also read this if you encounter any problem. Most frequently asked questions are also in this link.


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Discord : https://discord.gg/qYacV8KCck

GitHub: https://github.com/TCreopargh/GreedyCraft

Patreon: http://patreon.tcreopargh.xyz/