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You know Minecraft's moon. Lighting up the night, but otherwise not interfering with the affairs of those it watches. Well, this mod aims to change that. Nyx is a mod that transforms and improves Minecraft's time of darkness by adding elements and events themed around the moon, stars, and night sky.


Version 1.4: The meteor update!




  • Enchanting

New Enchantments:

-Lunar Shield: An enchantment that increases your armor's damage reduction based on the phase of the moon. During a full moon, it is stronger than Protection. During a new moon, it has no effect.

-Lunar Edge: An enchantment that increases your melee weapons' strength based on the phase of the moon. During a full moon, it is stronger than Sharpness. During a new moon, it has no effect. Killing a mob with it will also yield double experience on a full moon.

-Other Lunar variants will be added in a future update.

New Mechanic: This changes the game so that you can only use an enchantment table during the night. This can be disabled in the configs menu.


  • Lunar Events

Full Moon Changes: Nights of the full moon are now more dangerous. Monsters spawn more frequently, and will also sometimes spawn with beneficial status effects like Speed, Strength, Resistance and Invisibility. Additionally, wolves become fully hostile to the player and all passive mobs during nights of the full moon.

Harvest Moon: Rarely, the moon and sky will turn a crisp blue, and bathe the overworld in its peaceful light. During this event, no hostile mobs spawn (save for slimes), and crops will grow faster. Slimes continue to spawn in their respective chunks, and can be found at greater sizes than normal.

Blood Moon: Rarely, the moon and sky will turn a sanguine red, and bathe the overworld in its baleful light. During this event, hostile mobs spawn much more frequently. They can also spawn closer to the player (this is currently disabled by default, but can be toggled and adjusted in the config menu).

Falling Stars: If you look up at the night sky for long enough, you might see a shimmer of white light streak across your vision. Follow it, and you may receive a Fallen Star for your efforts, or even more rarely, a Meteor Shard. (Meteor Shards are currently useless, but will have several uses in future updates).

-Star Showers: Rarely, the sky will take on a yellow shade, and falling stars will become much more frequent for the duration of the night.

Meteors: Rare and destructive astral bodies that descend from the sky in a fiery arc. Can occur any time of day, but more common at night. Leave Meteoric Rock in their impact zone, which can be mined for Astral Shards. The more one or more players stay in a certain area, the less likely the chance for a meteor to fall nearby, so you'll need to venture out to new locations if you've been in one place for a while and haven't seen any meteors. Meteors become a bit more common after one or more players have been to the Nether.

-When a meteor falls during a harvest moon, there's a chance to receive a special meteoric rock variant, which yields Gleaning Crystals instead of Meteor Shards.

  • New Items

Fallen Stars: The item that can be found at the impact zone of a Falling Star. Can be made into decorative blocks. (Will have several other uses in future updates.)

Meteor Shards: The base material that can be obtained by mining Meteoric Rock. Can be ground up into dust via a crafting table, which can then be smelted into blast-resistant glass. Can also be smelted directly, which will yield ingots. The ingot is a vital crafting component in the recipes for meteoric weapons, tools, armor, and a meteoric tracking device, and will be important for other recipes in the future.

Lunar Water: If you fill a cauldron with water and let it sit exposed to the night sky for a certain time (as of 1.4, depending on the moon’s phase), it will eventually bubble with white particles. Throwing a Lapis Lazuli into the incensed water will transform it into Lunar Water. One cauldron yields three bottles of Lunar Water. Drinking a bottle will cure you of negative status effects, and give you a very brief regeneration effect. This item will have other uses in the future.






 Note that this mod is highly configurable, and many of the features listed here can be altered in the config file or gui to suit your tastes.



Credit goes to Terraria and Lumien for inspiration on the blood moon.