Chorus Warps

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This is Chorus Warps: A mod that implements teleportation in a balanced and vanilla-friendly way using the power of golden chorus fruits!


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📖 About:

Teleportation requires two things: an ender link block and a golden chorus fruit. Right clicking on an ender link with a golden chorus fruit binds that fruit to the ender link, and when the fruit is eaten you will be teleported back to that block. A regular golden chorus fruit will be consumed when the player teleports, but an enchanted golden chorus fruit can be used forever.


🌀 Dimension compatibility:

Teleportation works in all dimensions, even modded ones! The mod has language support (shows the name of the dimension in the tooltip and not the registry name such as mod:dimension_name) for the following dimensions: The Abyss: Chapter II, The Undergarden, The Bumblezone, Ratlantis, Terridus, Gaia and Neverdark. If you want an additional dimension mod to have language support, contact me on discord. You cannot teleport between dimensions!


📦 Versions and porting:

For now the only supported version is Forge 1.16, but if enough people want me to I might port to Fabric 1.16. Other versions will not be considered, since backporting to old versions takes too much time. I will always keep the mod updated to the latest versions of minecraft, so expect a Forge 1.17 release soon after forge comes out.


📑 Roadmap:

• Add a config file
• Damage player when golden chorus fruit is consumed (will be toggleable in the config)


🌍 Translation:

The mod is currently available in the following languages:
• 🇬🇧 English
• 🇵🇱 Polish (Credits to Zolw_)
• 🇷🇺 Russian (Credits to Sashafiesta)
• 🇪🇸 Spanish (Credits to Daydreemin & 16n1c0)
• 🇨🇳 Traditional Chinese (Credits to Aikini)
• 🇨🇳 Simplified Chinese (Credits to Aikini)
• 🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese (Credits to CerbTheOne)
I won't translate the mod to other languages myself (other than maybe Swedish and German in the future), but if anyone wants to help me do that then feel free to contact me on Discord or make a pull request on Github!



• Does this mod work with modded dimensions?
Yes, but it only displays the language file name for some (see dimension compatibility above)
• Can you backport to XX version?
No. Backporting takes time, and I since I don't have unlimited time I will try to keep the mod stable and up-to-date with the latest minecraft versions.
• Fabric?
Maybe in the future, for now only one peson has asked for it which means that there's basically no point for me to make a fabric version as it currently stands.
• Why does the mod not work on servers?
You're using an old version of the mod, update to the latest one (will unlink all your existing golden chorus fruits).
• Why is the mod buggy?
First of all: Update to the latest version and see if the issue persists (in 99% of cases it doesn't). After that, report the issue on github or my discord server and I'll try and fix it as fast as possible.


📚 Modpack policy:

Feel free to use the mod in your modpack, as long as you link back to this page!


Stop mod reposts!


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