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"Introducing Neverdark, A Dimension Where It Is Always Dark..."

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Welcome to Neverdark!

Neverdark is a mod all about exploring, mining, and survival. The mod adds a whole new dark dimension that includes several ores, 8 biomes, and many tools! Though this mod is still in early development, much of the stuff in the mod is accessible and you can have plenty of fun with!

  A long time ago, there was a conflict heavy realm called Neverdark. There were two major powers, and they both sought to win the whole realm. One of the groups commanded a large band of necromancers to bring back a fallen god to aid them in war. However, their revival went terribly wrong, and they were consumed as fuel to finish a ritual they did not expect to make the whole world into a dark abyss. 

  The creatures of the realm were all corrupted into eerie undead, and thus journeys into the realm were difficult and harsh. One of the necromancers opposing the band of necromancers responsible managed to use his magic to save himself, but consumed his magical powers in doing so. He is rumored to still be alive, in his lost halls, which are now known to be most likely buried deep beneath the surface. Some ruins of the battle and ancient magical devices still are scattered across the dimension, haunted by undead and mass graves.

  In some places, there are rifts in reality where the ritual did not affect those areas, that are similar to lands of the overworld.

Because this mod is still in early development, I cannot promise that the all of the content is exactly reliable (In other words, I might have forgotten to make a recipe for something important). However, if you feel like I might have forgotten something, let me know in the comments and I'll fix it right away!

To get to the dimension, it is pretty simple. You first have to explore your world in the Overworld and search for a broken portal on the surface (Similar to a broken Nether Portal in 1.16). It includes a chest, that holds some goodies. After you find the portal, you need to mine deep underneath mining level of 30. At this level, you'll find a new type of stone (Depth Stone), and this stone can hold new special ores. You'll need to mine up a fairish amount of Beryllium, Prismatic Crystal, and Runic Crystal ores. With these items, you can craft an abyssal wand, which acts as the portal igniter to the portal. With the Runic Crystals and some depth stone, you can also make the portal block that is missing in the broken portal. And that's basically as easy as it gets!

There are many things to discover in this dimension, such as a large dungeon, many biomes, and you can even make cool stuff out of the results. Also, you can find strange shrines with chests but with a monster spawner that will spawn aberrations, which are special undead spirits. Or, if you'd like, go freeze out in the Frostbitten forest.


Jump in and explore the land of Neverdark!

  • Crimson Forest Biome
  • Shadow Spires Biome
  • Mysteria Forest Biome
  • Shadow Forest Biome
  • Shadow Marsh Biome
  • Lots of other stuff to explore!

Note: this is my first mod, so feel free to comment on things that you think should be improved. Because I only took a month or two to make this mod, I'm planning on continuing it for awhile. Also, if there's an extremely important issue, such as the .jar not working, I need to make sure as soon as possible to fix it (If I can...). Another thing too, I highly recommend using JEI (Just enough Items) mod with this mod, since it will help you with the recipes in the mod. Additionally, when downloading I recommend downloading the extra file for 1.16.4 etc, rather than the main one (download the one with updated textures preferably).

This mod is for 1.16!

 There is a 1.15 version, but it is massively outdated so I would highly recommend not using it. 


This mod is organized with Mcreator, and coded partially by myself. If you don't know what that is, it's a handy program that allows easier modding. Be sure to check it out.

Feel free to leave me feedback in the comments or message me!


No longer being updated. I am now working on a better new mod. Stay Tuned!


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