Cauldron Brewing

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Cauldron Brewing

This mod lets you store potions, lava, and milk in a cauldron. It also lets you brew potions. (And AWESOME liquid transparency ;)

Here is a brewing example:

It works by throwing brewing items into the cauldron. There must be a campfire with blaze powder below.

All vanilla recipes work. While a potion is brewing, it will bubble. If you take the items out of the cauldron, it will stop. If you add new items, have a nice mundane potion.


To make your cauldron work: Right click it with blaze powder. The powder will not be consumed.

To remove items from your cauldron or campfire, shift-right click them with an empty hand.


New Fluids:

Lava emits light. you can only add or remove it with a bucket.

Milk can only be added or removed with a bucket.

Potions can only be added or removed with an empty bottle, or the correct potion item.



Note that the mod requires PotatoCore (at least 0.2.1), and Fabric API




Want bioluminescent mud in a cauldron? Want to brew an anvil in milk? Well you can if you hook into my API in The Recipe Manager. The code in the repo is a good example of what to do.




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