The Hallow

21,845 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

The Hallow is a mysterious dimension, home to monsters and creatures that seem to echo those from the Overworld, and a cult that worships... questionable gods.

                Will you join them?



The Hallow is a Fabric mod created by an ensemble of developers, originally as part of Hacktoberfest 2019 under the name 'Spooky Time'. It has since evolved into a mod which adds a dimension featuring new monsters and animals, alongside a large selection of new blocks.

To travel to The Hallow, craft yourself a Hallowed Gate and a Hallow Charm. Place the Gate and surround it with Redstone Wire, right-click with the charm on the gate. To get back, hold right click with the Charm.


Once inside _The Hallow_, what will you stumble upon? Perhaps an eerie island with crows and blood lakes... or a collection of structures and small dungeons?



In the depths of the world, you'll find _Hallowed Ore_; a mystical element with unique properties! Craft a Scythe with it and start beheading your enemies.


But beware: dangers lurk around every corner! Meet Mummies and Cultists, one of which wants to eat your brains, and one which wants to exile you from the lands...


Maybe even a little **magic** is needed?



The Hallow depends on Fabric API and Trinkets, which is an accessory mod made by Emi. You'll have to download Fabric API separately, but Trinkets is bundled in to the mod, so no need for an extra download!

Issues and Contributions:

If you find a bug with the mod, or have any sort of idea to add to it, head over to our GitHub page. Do not post issues in the comments.


The Hallow is available under GPLv3. You're free to use our code as you wish, and are more than welcome to include it in a modpack. Our only request is that you don't copy the textures & assets directly, and if you do plan on doing so, at least let us know.

The mod is currently in BETA and is largely unfinished! We pushed a beta to get feedback and ideas from the community, but the mod is nowhere close to being done. Future additions will include giant dungeons, spooky bosses, biome conquests, magical crafting, and more!


Q: Will you port this to Forge?

A: No, this mod will remain Fabric exclusive. All developers working on the project are Fabric developers and we have no plans on switching. Please do not ask for ports in the comments; the posts will be deleted.

Q: What's the goal of this mod?

A: The original aim was a fun Halloween-themed mod with funny spooky mechanics. As time went on, the idea evolved into a darker theme with a more narrow scope.

Q: What's the best way to play this mod?

A: The Hallow will be included in future AOF mod packs when it's out of beta. We encourage you to check AOF out when you have time!




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