Async Locator


Modifies vanilla behaviour when locating features to run asynchronously, mitigating associated lag.

This is currently implemented for:

  • Locate command when executed by a user
  • Villager explorer map trade offers
  • Dolphin treasure finding
  • Exploration map in chests (v1.1.0+)

This mod is only required to be installed server side! So clients only need this installed if they want it for single player.

This alone only works for vanilla (see list above). Other mods may need to implement usage of this mod themselves to make use of the async functionality.


Mods that affect vanilla's structure locating features may impact Async Locator's functionality.

Right now, the list below states other mods that I'm aware of:

  • Structure Essentials
    Has been seen that on startup only one of either Async Locator's or Structure Essentials' locating improvements will work. No real issues otherwise, but only one of the mods are required.

Mod Integration

Other mods can also use Async Locators as a dependency to implement the asynchronous locating into their own code. To do so, please use CurseMaven or Modrinth Maven to add this mod to your build.gradle, and then make use of the AsyncLocator class and/or logic classes.