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Pollutant Pump


Pollutant PumpNote: The "Creative Capacitor Bank" in the GIF above is a block from Ender IO, used to provide the pump with energy for demonstration.


This is an addon for Pollution Of The Realms!


Once you're producing pollution and polluting the air above you, the task of cleaning it up is huge - it's so high up and so much of it!
The Pollutant Pump sees to help with this task, by allowing you to clean it up from the ground! Place down a Pollutant Pump, then easily tower up Pollutant Pipes ontop (right clicking the bottom pipe will place one ontop of the top pipe!) and just supply the pump with energy (Forge Energy) to start sucking up pollutants around the top of the pipe and dump them out around the pump.


If you want to collect the pollutants, you can place a Filter block adjacent to the pump and it will attempt to put the pollutants directly into the filter. It also supports placing multiple filters and a random one with space will be chosen to put the pollutant into. If there's nowhere to put the pollutant, the pump will stop working.


Once you're done with the pump, breaking the bottom pipe will cause all the pipes above to break too!


There are configs for how the pump works, including one to change the energy use. Setting it to 0 will cause the pump to always work without a need for energy.



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