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Started for the Ars Nouveau 2021 Winter Addon-athon.



IMPORTANT:  Versions older than 1.19 will only get bugfixes if reported. Current development of new features is exclusive of 1.19. Supporting multiple versions is hard, porting content is not even possible sometimes.


Enable "Ars Elemental" in Ars Nouveau wiki addon selection for online documentation


As of 1.19, Ars Arsenal's elemental armors are included in this mod. 


New Glyphs 

  • Watery Grave : Water Spell for Drowning Damage. (1.18+)
  • Conjure Terrain : Places Dirt or other common terrains depending on glyphs following it (cobblestone/deepslate/sand/stone/sandstone/mud).
  • Homing Projectile : Projectile that will seek the nearest living entity. + propagator version in 1.18+
  • Arc Projectile : Projectile affected by gravity, adding Pierce will make it bounce. + propagator version in 1.18+
  • Charm : Tame a mob, make it breed or enthrall an enemy for a short time to fight for you. (Chance based on amplification) (1.18+)
  • Life Link : Share damage and healing with the target, but only with the benefits of it. (1.18+)
  • Poison Spores: Earth variant of Flare/ColdSnap, only trigger on enemies affected by poison/hunger and release an aoe damage that poison/hunger (1.18+)
  • Discharge: Air variant of Flare/ColdSnap harder to setup but higher potential, only trigger on enemies shocked or static charged (30% damage buff) and get a damage buff if the target is wearing RF-powered armors by draining energy from them. (1.19+)
  • Mana Bubble Shield : Water shield spell that consumes Mana when hit to reduce damage. While active it will also give a chance to not be affected by a negative effect. If Mana runs out while defending, the Mana bubble pops. 




  • Ignite can melt ice blocks
  • Lightning won't destroy drops
  • Cold Snap will deal more damage to freezing entities
  • Flare won't trigger while the target is in water (will trigger if under HellFire burn effect)
  • Crush will target items if augmented by Sensitive. (Now native to Ars in some versions) 



  • 4 Lesser Spell Foci to allow an early specialization in one of the 4 Elemental Schools, gaining advantage with it but with drawbacks for other elements and unlocking new effects on existing glyphs
  • 5 Major Spell Foci, 4 as upgrades of the lesser ones, to master the power of the Elemental Schools and the wicked Anima School with its Necrotic Focus.
  • 5 Bangles, to boost spell damage and gain special passive abilties. 
  • A Trinket Pouch to carry all those curio equipment you have access, warp scrolls, item scrolls, summon charms and other little misc stuff. And a Spellcaster Bag for enchanter items and other magic weaponry. Both can be equipped in the "Bundle" slot and opened with a keybind.
  • The Enchanter's Horn. In 1.18 it's just a casting wand for arc projectiles, in 1.19 it's casting tool that can be charged to cast a spell on the caster and nearby entities, more charge will mean a wider AoE.


As of 1.19, Ars Arsenal's elemental armors are included in this mod. 


They have been restyled to fit the new armor models, but lost some of their peculiar traits. Submissions to make them a better hybrid between the two styles are welcome.

Heavy and Light variants are planned, but not soon to come without art help.

  • Each piece amplify Elemental glyphs of the matching school
  • Each piece reduce damage from sources tied to their school element, giving a short mana regen.
  • If the full set is worn, part of the reduced damage is converted into mana. Other extra damage reduction effects may apply.





The FlareCannon

Homing version of the blazing weald walker with a familiar that boost Fire and Projectile spells.
Can switch between magma and soul variants with magma block / soul sand. (Only cosmetic).


The Siren


A farming mob, similar to Drygmy and Whirlisprigs, for fishing drops. Chance of getting treasure is boosted by how much diversity of flora and fauna composes their "aquarium".

Comes in different colors, you can swap them with corals or kelp.

A big thanks to The_Ikonik for help with their texturing.



  • Attempt with enemy mages with a preset of spells (like rare mini-boss).
  • Little structures for flavour, maybe bigger ones in the future


 Also check Ars Arsenal for elemental armor sets, Too Many Glyphs for more glyphs options to customize spells and Ars Instrumentum for utility stuff like numeric mana.



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Here's a quick spotlight of some of the things added by the mod in 1.19, offered by Nieh




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