Too Many Glyphs


Too Many Glyphs!

Additional glyphs for Ars Nouveau with diverse sources of inspiration. Quite possibly entirely too many of them. Quite likely to keep expanding for quite some time.

Documentation integrated with Ars Nouveau's in-game guide book.

Fine Control glyphs

While not reaching level of precision afforded by Psi, these may help get a spell to do what you want, keep it from doing what you don't want, get it going in the right direction, or even make it context-sensitive.


Embrace your inner paladin! We put the Self and Touch forms in a blender with a splash of holy water to create Lay on Hands, a form that can act as either Touch or Self depending on what you're pointing at. By default it assumes a beneficial spell, and will not cast on monsters, but you can change its target selection with a Glyph of Filtering (read on) for those righteous smites.

Target filters

Drop a Glyph of Filtering into a spell chain to stop any further effects of that spell if its target doesn't match the filter. Prevent fire spells from turning into forest- and build-griefing infernos, project an area of healing that doesn't benefit monsters, blink an entity somewhere without risking blinking yourself, and generally reduce the spell mishap rate at the low cost of one glyph slot. Runes whose first effect is a Glyph of Filtering will not be triggered or consume Source if a non-matching target moves through them.

Spell manipulation

Turn a block AOE spell around with the Glyph of Reverse Direction. Pierce downwards with Underfoot, conjuring thicker platforms or digging deeper holes; pierce the empty air with block conjurations, calling forth bridges or pillars from any surface.

More to come ...

Started for the Ars Nouveau 2021 Winter Addon-athon