Ars Arsenal


Started for the Ars Nouveau 2021 Winter Addon-athalon!

Currently, Ars Arsenal expands on the Armor in Ars Nouveau.  It adds a new series of Elementalist robes, as well as a suit of plate armor that augments your magical ability.  

The Elemental Robes both discount and amplify spells containing glyphs belong to the same school as the robes, as well as a few other hidden buffs here and there.  


As for the Source Steel armor, while slightly below archmage robes in terms of casting prowess, it provides a boost in defense, while converting incoming magic damage into personal mana to help you cast spells faster.



Mobs ARE planned for this, mostly caster mobs that'll give you that new challenge you've always wanted.

Source Steel tools that provide certain benefits to enscribed spells and using them, archwood bows, and spellguns!

There's a few glyphs I'm planning on adding in, but I can't even share those thought yet.


As always, feel free to use this in any pack, a better page is coming soon, and stay tuned for more!