Apathy Mod


This mod supports:

  • 1.20.1: Fabric and Forge
  • 1.19.4: Fabric and Forge
  • 1.19.2: Fabric and Forge
  • 1.18.2: Fabric and Forge
  • 1.17.1: Fabric and Forge, discontinued and will not receive updates
  • 1.16.5: Fabric only

Forge 1.16.5 has broken mappings, not possible to write nontrivial multiloader mods for it. 1.20.0 is also discontinued and will not receive updates, i'm not doing this "everyone hangs back on a random older version" nonsense that people did during 1.19.

Forge versions are marked "beta" on the sidebar, they're not "beta", it's just to make them blue (because curseforge, years later, still does not split mods on the sidebar by loader)

With that out of the way

Apathy is an overconfigurable port/rewrite of Apathetic Mobs. It allows you to control mob aggressiveness - whether mobs attack players.

You can:

  • disable aggression entirely,
  • control aggression with a rule system, where mob aggressiveness is dependent on things such as the current world difficulty or the mob's type or tags,
  • use a JSON rule system to create exactly the scenario you want, including integration with the vanilla scoreboard, advancements, locations, biomes...

Additionally, you may:

  • Disable the Ender Dragon and Wither fight sequences, or make them less aggressive.
  • Allow players to opt-in or opt-out of PvE scenarios by adding them to player sets.

Extensive documentation is available on github.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please head to my Discord for more information.

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