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1.20.1: Fabric and Forge

1.19.4: Fabric and Forge (unmaintained because lol who plays 1.19.4)

1.19.2: Fabric and Forge

1.18.2: Fabric and Forge (bugfix-only)

1.17.1: Fabric only, unmaintained

1.16.4 (yes): Fabric only, unmaintained, probably works on 1.16.5

1.15.2: Fabric only, unmaintained


Packages is an opinionated item storage mod. It is not a storage solution, it is a storage problem. You can store 8 stacks of items in a single package, and it's not configurable. Now, 512 items isn't a lot, and there's also no upgrades by design, but: packages stack even when they contain items, and you can nest them a couple levels deep too. So you can actually store millions of items in a single slot.


Packages are dirt-cheap to craft, and behave sort of like a shulker box when it comes to redstone interactions - measure their contents with a comparator, crush with pistons to break them, and dispense with a dispenser to place them. Let your creativity run wild - what can you build?


New things in version 2 of this mod, that aren't in older versions or in Worse Barrels:

  • build the Package Crafter out of some copper and spare wood bits, then create Packages with any combination of blocks and dye you like! Thanks to Kat for creating the model for the Package Crafter, by the way!
  • On Fabric, there's compat with FREX and Canvas to apply shader effects to the Packages. (TODO, needs fixing in 1.19.)
  • Smart insertion and extraction will scan your entire inventory for items to add and remove.
  • Completely fill or empty a Package with one click (hold ctrl!)
  • Configure the method of interacting with a Package to your heart's content.
  • Use Packages like a Bundle; add and remove items directly from slots in your inventory.


And in version 3, you can make Packages sticky by putting them next to a slimeblock or honey block. (This feature is a little half-finished admittedly.)


oh also this is one of those mods where on Fabric if you have sodium installed you also need to install indium, or models will look weird thats a certified fabric rendering api moment


LGPL v3.


Questions? Comments? Just lonely? Join me on Discord: https://highlysuspect.agency/discord