Apathetic Mobs

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Apathetic Mobs

Do you have a crippling fear of mobs attacking you when you're not looking? Does the sight of a trembling enderman shake your soul to its core? Does the very idea of fighting the Ender Dragon inspire the antithesis of courage in you? Then you're like me, and you may be greatly annoyed at all the expert modpacks today that use so many mob drops. The solution: no, not a set of well-balanced recipes or even the horrible cheat mode. No, just load this mod, fire up a world in easy mode (or medium, or hard, or even hardcore!), saunter right up to any mob you see, and hack it to death with impunity. No fear required. It will ignore you until its untimely doom.


TL;DR for players: Install the mod and you can play in any non-peaceful mode without mobs attacking you. This is useful for modpacks that require mob drops and don't have peaceful scripts.


TL;DR for server owners: Install the mod and use the playerwhitelist option to support your peaceful players! Use the /apatheticwhitelist <get/add/remove> <playername> command to whitelist particular players.


TL;DR for pack-makers: Install the mod and set the difficulty lock to true + easy. Then you can tell your players to play in easy mode for a peaceful mode experience or in medium/hard for a normal experience.



  • Exclude mobs with a blacklist.
    • Exclude all bosses marked by mods with a boss option.
  • Include mobs with a whitelist.
  • Allow mobs to take revenge (they will attack back if you attack them).
    • Add a configurable revenge cool-off timer after which a vengeful mob will stop attacking you. (Without this timer, revenge is now eternal!)
  • Difficulty lock—mod will only take effect in the chosen difficulties.
  • Player Whitelist option will the make the mod ignore certain players and not others. (For servers, you will have to disable all the boss options separately.) 
    • /apatheticwhitelist get: gives you the list of players whitelisted.
    • /apatheticwhitelist add <playername>: adds a player to the whitelist.
    • /apatheticwhitelist remove <playername>: removes a player from the whitelist.
  • Special options for bosses like the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

 Mob Support:

  • 100% Vanilla Compat (bosses and all!) (slime revenge is eternal even if you turn on revenge timer) (bosses untested in 1.14)
  • Thaumcraft (tested with all mobs)
  • Ice and Fire (tested with all mobs) (except the siren, which will lure you but won't attack you)
  • Botania Gaia Guardian (tested: unless you're really impudent, you won't get hurt, and the floor isn't even harmful!) 
  • Grimoire of Gaia (tested with all mobs)
  • Rough Mobs
  • Chaos Dragon: Projectiles do not spawn (if you have the correct config option).
  • 75% of FTB: Interactions (haven't tested with Ender Chicken or Chaos Dragon yet)

Planned features: 

  • Dab to remove aggro (suggestion: quat1024)
  • Custom rules for mob-to-mob interactions


1.15 fork thanks to lilypuree on Discord!


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