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Fabrication is a large collection of vanilla tweaks and small features I wanted or thought would be neat. Everything is configurable.

It is the Fabric counterpart to Forgery.

70 76 78 89 94 102 103 112 120 123 128 131 147 150 160 206 features and counting.


A list of all the features (click to go to the wiki for more details and demonstration videos/images):

General - Broad features and global settings
  • Dark Mode - Makes the config screen darker
  • Data Upload - Enables submitting anonymous data to a self-hosted privacy-respecting Matomo instance run by unascribed
  • Profile - To help with Fabrication's overwhelming number of options, Profiles let you pick what kinds of features you want to be enabled by default
  • Reduced Motion - Disables high-motion animations in the Fabrication config screen
Fixes - Fixes for bugs and weird behavior Utility - Useful tidbits that don't modify gameplay Tweaks - Minor changes that fit with vanilla Minor Mechanics - Small additions to vanilla mechanics Mechanics - New mechanics and powerful additions
  • Anvil Repair - Allows right-clicking on an anvil with a Block of Iron to repair it one stage
  • Bottled Air - Filling a glass bottle underwater refills 1 air bubble
  • Broken Gear Drops Components - Makes gear drop its consituent items when broken
  • Detecting Powered Rails - New in v2.2.0 Allows using a comparator on a powered rail just like a detector rail
  • Directional Detector Rails - New in v2.2.0 Placing magenta glazed terracotta under a detector rail makes it only detect minecarts moving in the direction of the arrow
  • Directional Powered Rails - New in v2.2.0 Placing magenta glazed terracotta under a powered rail makes it push minecarts in the direction of the arrow, even from a stop
  • Enhanced Moistness - Entities are considered "wet" for 5 seconds after leaving a source of wetness
  • Colorful Redstone - New in v2.3.0 Redstone on top of wool will not connect to redstone on top of a different color of wool
  • Grindstone Disenchanting - Placing a book in the bottom slot of a Grindstone when disenchanting an item will transfer the enchantments onto the book
  • Obsidian Tears - Lets you set your spawn at a Crying Obsidian block; automatable
  • Pursurvers - Adds "Pursurvers", observers with a Purpur block next to them, that can detect left-clicks on their watched block
  • Slow Fall Splash On Inanimates - Slow fall splash potions affect inanimates (minecarts, arrows, etc) making them unaffected by gravity
  • Toggleable Furnace Carts - New in v2.3.0 Powered rails stop furnace carts when appropriate and conserve their fuel
Balance - Changes to vanilla balance Weird Tweaks - Opinionated changes What's Old Is New Again - Forward ports of forgotten tidbits Unsafe - QoL changes that make cheating easier Pedantry - Fixes for non-problems Experiments - Bad ideas given form




There is no rhyme or reason to the collection.

Most things work server-side.


The config file is a classic INI for additional nostalgia and suffering.


For a description of all features in the mod including screenshots and videos, please read >> the wiki <<


Some of the things Fabrication modifies are tridents, note blocks, observers, furnace minecarts, ...

It also contains a facsimile of Apathetic Mobs and Hunger Strike.


Curse comments are impossible for me to keep track of and have been disabled.

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