Hadite Coal

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This is a port to 1.12.2 (and later, hopefully), of the Hadite Coal module of akkamaddi's Additions from 1.7.10.  See that article for original permissions and Minecraft Forum thread links. The mod (an add-on for Simple Ores) was originally written by akkamaddi, and then abandoned; I took up maintenance of the mod after that.


Note on licensing: akkamaddi originally released the source of all his add-ons with a simple attribution requirement:

All I ask it some degree of attribution if you use my code. -- akkamaddi

However, I am adding a great deal of my own work and code in porting this mod, and I am re-licensing the derived work under the GNU LGPL, which does include an attribution requirement, so it is compatible with akkamaddi's requirement.


Hadite Coal

I have ported Hadite Coal to 1.7.10 (and now 1.12.2). akkamaddi's original documentation copied below; references to older versions removed.

Hadite Coal is a noxious, sulphurous, foul-stenched ore of the Nether. While not truly a "coal" , it is similar enough to be so named.

The ore itself is native to Netherrack. Due to internal heat, the ore actually glows, though not brightly. Further, when approached, the ore actually spits smoke and embers, making it quite noticeable.

When mined, which requires at least a stone (level 1) pick ax, a block of Hadite Coal Ore drops a chunk of Hadite Coal. These chunks of coal can be quite useful. Due to their density and sulphur content, Hadite Coal chunks burn hotter and much longer than standard coal. This is their primary use. A single piece of Hadite Coal will burn for over ten minutes. It burns a little longer than it takes a full stack of items to smelt in a furnace. (If using an Onyx Furnace, make sure you empty the output queue about half way through, as smelting will stop when the output queue hits a full stack.)

Nine pieces of Hadite Coal can also make a Hadite Coal storage block. The storage block glows from internal heat brighter than the ore block, but it is not bright enough to be good prevention against mob spawning. The heat of the storage block makes wisps of flame float around it. The coal block burns for about as long as ten chunks of Hadite Coal, meaning it will burn in a furnace for well over an hour. (New) It can also be used as a permanent fire source, like netherrack, if ignited with flint & steel.

In addition to being an excellent fuel, it is used in some recipes. Burning so well, one chunk of Hadite coal will make far more torches than a regular piece of coal. The (shaped) recipe below shows that one piece of Hadite Coal surrounded by eight sticks makes an entire stack of torches.

Further, due to the content of sulphur, Hadite Coal can be used in the Fusion Furnace to make gunpowder. If fused with a piece of flint, with a piece of regular coal or charcoal as a catalyst, it will make one pile of gunpowder.

It has also been discovered that Hadite Coal can be used to make two alloys. If combined with an Iron ingot, using gunpowder as a catalyst, it makes Hadite Steel. Hadite Steel looks patinaed and corroded due to the sulfur and other noxious substances However, it is surprisingly durable, and so make good tools. Similarly, it can be combined with Tin, catalyzed with coal or charcoal, creating Gestankenzinn. Gestankenzinn looks rusty and corroded, but is more durable than Iron.

Hadite Steel: Iron + Hadite Coal : (LC only) Gunpowder

Gestankenzinn: Tin + Hadite Coal : (LC only) Coal / Charcoal

These recipes create large chunks, which are smelted into ingots. Tool recipes are standard. The materials are not suitable for armor, given that they reek of foul stenches, and similarly the hoes make stunted crops.

The Hadite Coal config file contains two variables to enable the ore and storage blocks to emit particles:
# general
general {
B:"Hadite Block emits flames"=true
B:"Hadite Ore spits fire"=true

These enable the particle spawning around storage and ore blocks. They are “true” by default. Changing either (or both) to “false” will disable particles for that block, which may be useful to those with older computers.

Recycle Your Hadite

Recycling recipes based on "Simple Fusion Recycle" are incorporated in "Hadite Coal" for the materials in the mod. To enable these recipes, change the Boolean for the entry "enable recycling recipes" from false to true. See the "Recycling" section.

The recipes are fairly standard. The used tool is fused with a gravel block, using coal or charcoal as a catalyst.

Hadite Steel Sword, Gestankenzinn Sword

Material: Hadite Steel ........... Recycles into: Large Hadite Steel Chunk
Catalyst: coal / charcoal ........ Second item: gravel block
Recyclable items: sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel

Material: Gestankenzinn .......... Recycles into: Large Gestankenzinn Chunk
Catalyst: coal / charcoal ........ Second item: gravel block
Recyclable items: sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel

While it is not common knowledge, Hadite Coal is actually a geologic precursor to the Nether gemstone Onyx, in the same way that coal is a precursor to diamond on the surface world. This is why Onyx smells of eggs when it is mined and cut; there are residual sulphur compounds after the heat and compression. (This does not rule out the rumor that ghasts find Onyx tasty, and tend to lick outcroppings when no one is around. This could also contribute to Onyx's funny smell.) Because of the similar chemistry, Hadite Coal can be used as a catalyst when recycling Onyx equipment. This works the same as the recipes shown in Simple Fusion Recycling, although the Hadite Coal lump replaces a bucket of lava. These recipes add to the recipes in Simple Fusion Recycling; they are not replacements. This does not work for the Onyx alloy Sinisite.

Alternate Onyx recycling with Hadite as a catalyst.

Material: Onyx (SO) .............. Recycles into: Onyx gem
Catalyst: Hadite Coal ............ Second item: netherrack block
Other recyclable items: onyx bow, onyx rod, onyx door, onyx shears, onyx furnace


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