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Advanced Genetics is a spiritual successor to the popular Genetics Reborn mod, now for Fabric! Play god by collecting, analyzing, and modifying your genetics. Advanced Genetics allows you to splice your genome with the mobs in your Minecraft world to gain their unique abilities, like shooting fireballs or climbing walls.

There are 37 abilities to discover across 31 mobs, so check out our wiki to get started!


Discover over 37 genes with 6 different machines:

Cell Analyzer: Look for health cells within a scraping of animal or mob matter.
DNA Extractor: Extract a encrypted DNA helix from a healthy cell.
DNA Decrypter: Decrypt DNA helices to discover what unique gene they contain.
Plasmid Infuser: Infuse decrypted DNA helices into a plasmid.
Blood Purifier: Purify contaminated blood within a syringe.
Plasmid Injector: Inject a filled plasmid into a syringe so that it can be injected into you!


Each of our machines are compatible with item pipes, so you can automate your life away.
You can also customize nearly every aspect of this mod from the AdvancedGenetics.toml config file.
See a list of all genes here!


Requires Fabric API
Requires a power generation mod (We recommend Tech Reborn )
Optional REI support coming soon!