Genetics Reborn

This is an unofficial re-make of the Advanced Genetics mod from 1.7.10 by TeamDNA. This was made from scratch and no code was taken from the original mod.

ClubPetey has currently taken over Development! Major bugs have been fixed.


Important Messages from ClubPetey -- 23-DEC-2020:

Release 1.30 will be my last update of this mod for MC 1.12 as development has begun on version 2.0 of this mod for use with Minecraft 1.15/1.16. However, if you find an issue with the 1.12 source, please submit a PR and I will be happy to review and publish a release. Aside from performance improvements, version 2.0 will allow full gene creation/customization from configuration files.


I am looking for a 3D/graphics person to update the block designs for version 2.0 -- if you are interested, please message me (ClubPetey).   


Release 1.15 added:

* 11 New Genes - climb walls, cause bleed, glow in the dark, and MORE!

* 16 Mutations (OP genes worth the grind)

* 19 Viral Agents - permanent negative status effects... think of the PvP...

* An automate-able brewing machine - Because reasons


Please report any bugs to the GitHub Issues page. Also, the wiki has been updated with all the new features, check it out.


Have you ever wanted to become superhuman? Be able to edit your genes to your liking? Well now you can! Genetics Reborn adds the ability to take genes from animals and mobs in the world and infuse them into your own DNA.

Not only can you give yourself genes, but you can also give them to animals/mobs in the world also! Want a horse that is immune to fire and always has speed II? Well now it is possible!

ALL genes can be disabled through the config.


Wiki can be found at GitHub. It explains everything you need to know about using the mod! (Including modpack permission info) I also have a Discord, join-able with this link.


Have any suggestions for genes to add?

Leave them here marked with [Suggestion] before the title!


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