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WhatRepRecipes displays vendor sell values for all craftable items and reputation requirements, source, price and mats for all unlearnd recipe ranks of multi-rank recipes for all professions.

Although the Relic nerf is active and some sell values ​​are low, WRR is quite useful for a) recipe overview and display of sell values and b) reputation requirements and mats display.

New with Version 1.2.10: Column with the TSM-MinByout-Value of all craftable items.

Usage: a) Recipe overview and item sell values

All sell values values ​​are displayed directly in the recipe details window without having to move the mouse over the item icon. So you can determine which item might be suitable for a vendor shuffle.

In the additional recipe list window, all recipes are displayed with the item, optional mats and vendor sell values. You can sort the recipe list by clicking on a column heading. If you click on an item with the left mouse button, the trade skills window will jump to the corresponding recipe.

To find recipes with a special Relic or Mark, use the reagents drop-down control. To find recipes with no Relics / Marks, use:

This list can be opened and closed again using the WRR button:

To find a nice shuffle for e.g. mageweave, type "mageweave" in the search box of the original trade skill window and the recipe list window will then display all the items that can be made from mageweave. By clicking on an item you can view the mats for that item an compare it to other recipes to find the best, highest sell value.

The recipe list can be opened with /wrr independently of the trade skill window and then shows the recipes list of the trade skills last visited.

Usage: b) Display of reputation requirements, source and mats:

For recipes with multiple ranks, the game usually only shows the next rank, as well as source, price and reputation requirements in the trade skill window.

WhatRepRecipes extends the information by

  • profession skill
  • source (vendor/trainer/quest)
  • price/tickets/badges/coins etc.
  • reputation requirements/faction
  • all the mats for one creation process

for every unlearned recipe for multi-rank recipes and the vendor sell value for every crafted item.

You can plan in advance for the other recipe ranks, what to do, where to go, what reputation to grind, or what badges you need, to get the most out of your precious mats.

You can also see which materials are required for each recipe rank and how the number of materials with higher recipe rank decreases.

The data comes from the game itself and is therefore always up to date.

Usage: c) Export recipe and item data

The displayed recipe list can be exported to CSV or HTML or Markdown using the CSV or HTML or MD button.


Sorting according to the sell values, the font size used and the display of silver and copper values can be enabled/disabled:


Please report any bugs you may find or any suggestions you might have to the ƇurseFȯrɡe Project Page

If you wish, you can send me a PM to Expelliarm5s on ƇurseFȯrɡe.


ATTENTION: The only original source for my addons is the ƇurseFȯrɡe site or the ƇurseFȯrɡe updater app. Do not download my addons from another website or with other download apps as they are likely to be out of date and may contain malware.


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