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RinseOBags - Move items between bags and banks (fast)

RinseOBags moves same items, e.g. all stacks of Tidespray Linen, with one simple click from your bags to your bank or your reagent bank or your guild bank (and vice versa).

This addon can be useful when you need to move large amounts of items, e.g. crafting material, between characters and their banks and doing shuffles to make gold or when cleaning up your guild bank containers.


  • 1. ALT + right click on an item in your bag/bank/guild bank and all items (all stacks!) with the same internal item ID are transferred to the destination bag/bank/guild bank.
  • 2. ALT + left click on an item in your bag/bank and you can select how many items to move to the destination bag/bank. You can disable ALT + left click in the addon options.

Thanks to Tasimi for the great idea and to Termi for his nice introduction video ;-).


So-called bag addons, which combine multiple bags -- which is no longer necessary since 10.x -- duplicate things that already exist in-game and have a high chance of causing LUA errors and making the game slower. A well-known bag addon creates no less than 14000 global (!) ingame objects just to handle bags a little differently. So sad.

RinseOBags works with the original in-game bags, so if you use AdiBags, ArkInventory, Bagnon, Combuctor, DJBags, ElvUI, Inventorian, LiteBag, OneBag3 and TukUI then RinseOBags might not work.

Your Problem.


This addon is LibSharedMedia-aware, so you can add your own sounds through e.g. SharedMedia. You can change the sound through the ingame options:


Please report any bugs you may find or any suggestions you might have to the ƇurseFȯrɡe Project Page

If you wish, you can send me a PM to Expelliarm5s on ƇurseFȯrɡe.


ATTENTION: The only original source for my addons is the ƇurseFȯrɡe site or the ƇurseFȯrɡe updater app. Do not download my addons from another website or with other download apps as they are likely to be out of date and may contain malware.


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