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TomTomPing - Addon that uses TomTom's Crazy Arrow to display the direction and distance of pings and party members.

New -

  • Reworked unit tracking:
    • added raid target support: track units with raid target (star, circle etc.) markern on them
    • added support for arbitrary unit ids: player, target, focus, party1..4, raid1..40 (+ any number of 'target' as extension)
  • changed console commands for setting 'destination' and 'sticky' functionality (check out /ttp help)
  • added keybindings and options for 2 custom commands
  • removed 'waypointclear' command and key binding (merged with 'clear' command)
  • changed keybinding functionality for command to set target: now sets the name of the current character as target
  • changed keybinding functionality for command to set waypoint: now sets waypoint on position of currently targeted unit
  • Fixed operation for Hellfire Citadel
  • New option "Check Instance Floor" checks whether target is on the same floor in instances and shows path error for arrow if not.
  • All floors of an instance are mapped in a plane. Some floors connect well and the arrow gives you helpful information across floors. But for others (especially when porting is involved to get to them) the direction and distance of the arrow is rather pointless. For example when after entering Hellfire Citadel your destination is at Mannoroth's place the arrow is not helping you on your way to get there. For this cases you can check the new option so the arrow will only point towards the destination on the same floor.
    Since it depends on the situation which behavior you might like quick access via the tooltip lets you toggle the option easily.

Features -

  • Ping tracking: listens to Minimap pings
  • Player tracking: track any party or raid member
  • Tracking via: Unit, Name, Raidtarget, Mouseover, Mouseover-click
    • Unit: any valid unit id - player, target, focus, party1..4, raid1..40 (+ any number of 'target' as extension)
    • Name: name of any friendly player character
    • Raid Target: any valid raid target id - star, circle, diamond, triangle, moon, square, cross, skull
    • Mouseover: point at target of unit frame under the mouse pointer (Works with addons like Healbot and Grid)
    • Mouseover-Click: last unit frame to click on (can be combined with additional conditions like modificator keys and unit states, see options section "Modificator keys")
  • Waypoint tracking: set and unset waypoints to track
  • Stick/Unstick current Arrow target: make current arrow target sticky; overrides selected tracking mechanism
  • Color coded facing direction: green towards the target, red when running away from it
  • Arrival check: direction arrow changes to down arrow on user defined range from destination
  • Heal range check: recolors arrow when out of healing range
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Keybindings for basic operations and 2 custom defined TomTomPing commands
  • Broker support
  • Compass as Broker text

Install -

Copy the TomTomPing folder to your Interface\AddOns directory.
You need to have TomTom installed. Only working with "TomTom-r216" or newer.

Commands -

/tomtomping args
/ttp args

alias - list aliases for commands
clear - setting destination to none (releases the crazy arrow)
destination target [args] - set the specified target as destination
help [topic] - display this help, specify topic for any specific command
menu - display options menu
name char - set specified char as target destination 'Name' is active
ping - ping on self
raidtarget rt - set specified raid target as target when destination 'Raid Target' is active
sticky [target] [args] - stick/unstick current arrow target or set specific sticky target
unit unitId - set specified unit id as target when destination 'Unit' is active
version - display version information
waypoint [args] - set a waypoint as target when destination 'Waypoint' is active

Usage -

Trigger commands via slash command, keybindings or mouse-clicks on Broker display or Minimap button.
The option menu lets you configure the addon behaviour in detail.

Using the "/ttp target" command will automatically stick the selected target as well if the auto tracking type is "Mouseover" or "Waypoint". This is to prevent the refresh routine to immediately overwrite the selected target again. For other tracking types the selected target stays non-sticky.

Thanks -

This addon was inspired by the outdated PingDir.
Thanks Cladhaire for making TomTom usable by other addons.
Thanks Knapster (alias Baaras) for the original developent of TomTomPing.


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